Back on Track

Weekly Memo: 9.19.16

Opportunity to Love: By Ralph Marston

See it not as a chance to criticize. See it as an opportunity to be patient, an opportunity to love.

See it not as a disagreement. See it as insight into the other person's perspective.

Get your ego out of the picture and amazing things happen. You don't have to waste energy being offended, angry, or resentful.

Though you have every right to be frustrated, you have every reason to let it go. Though you are justified in feeling sorry for yourself, that is never your best option.

Focusing on yourself attracts stress. Loving others, loving life and its miraculous beauty, enables peace.

Every encounter, every situation, every moment is an opportunity to love. See the opportunity, take it and live it, now

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another great week at Love T. Nolan. I hope your time at Friday's AZ release day was well spent. This week we are focusing on a few Big Rocks and few smaller rocks:

  • Our RTI 12-12:30 pm block will become our "Math Blitz" time. Phase II training will be provided during the first 45 minutes of your 90 min PLCs. The other 45 minutes will be yours to collaboratively plan.
  • CoPL Administrative Walks take place this week as we continue our focus on TKES 3A/3B. Thank you to our K-5 teachers and kindergarten school assistants for pulling together and getting the peer observation portion of the work done! Now, the admin. team will be visiting classrooms this week in search of effective ratings around communication of the standard/objective and clear presentation of content. Trend data will be generated and compared to the peer observational data sent out last week. Good luck teachers. Let's show off our learning!
  • Check In/ Check Out (CICO) begins this week! 38 precious diamonds have chosen special adults to serve as their mentors. These "shepherds" will meet with their mentee(s) in the a.m. and p.m. using their behavior management goal sheet provided in their CICO folder. Happy first day of helping to make one student feel successful his/her efforts around behavior.

Smaller Rocks Include:

  • K-2: phonics centers training- Randolph
  • 3-5: vocab and phonics training- Wright

  • Lesson Plan Monitoring (trend data by grade level)

  • Behavior Management Walkthroughs (trend data by grade level )

  • Monitor hallway transitions

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Big image

Message from the Curriculum Department: Mrs. Whitaker

Classroom Daily Schedules

At the beginning of Week 7, all schedules should be finalized. When the email was sent out on Friday, August 26th of final drafts, grade levels were asked to view the final draft of the schedule and respond if they had any last corrections to be made. If no response was received, it was assumed that you would be adhering to the final schedule posted for your grade level in the LTN Curriculum group folder.

The administration team will be utilizing these schedules as we conduct observations, and you will be expected to adhere to the schedule that is posted. If there are still any discrepancies with the schedule in this folder and the schedule you are functioning off of, it is your responsibility to contact admin with the corrected schedule (making sure the times and subjects adhere to their respective frameworks).

Collaborative Planning Meetings

Our “hot topic” in the collaborative planning meetings this week will cover Phase II of the Math RTI Block, Math Blitz, which will be facilitated by Mrs. Freeman. All meeting agendas have been loaded into their respective folders on the LTN Curriculum group. Please bring your laptops and any data/documents relevant to these topic and arrive on time to respect our group norms. Also remember to complete the feedback survey at the conclusion of the meeting.


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Math Unit 1 Assessment Update (K-5)

Some grade levels are behind the schedule in the suggested administration dates on the Pacing Guides (due to Benchmark assessments and beginning unit instruction on Week 2), but we cannot continue to be behind the entire school year, so this is our plan to get on track. The table above shows an update on where we are with Unit 1 Assessments in Math.

As a reminder, the post assessment for Unit 1 should be the same test that was administered as the pre-assessment. I will be in contact with grade levels this week to collaborate on assessment items for Unit 2. Data talks for Unit 1 Post-Assessments and Unit 2 Pre-Assessments will be scheduled in our upcoming collaborative planning meetings. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns in this area.

This week in Literacy: Ms. Wright

As we prepare for the 2nd quarter, we will utilize the next 2 weeks to ensure that our center activities are providing students with opportunities to practice previously learned skills at their independent academic level. Please ensure that you have displayed your center rotation schedule, posted signage that labels each center and that you are implementing centers at the proposed time on your schedules. Teachers in K-2 should provide phonics instruction during their guided block and teachers in 3-5 should provide INSTRUCTIONAL guided reading.


Thank you so much for providing a phenomenal first week of Power Hour!! Last week I met with teams to discuss the Guided Reading Group Expectations. If you were unable to attend this session, please peruse the PowerPoint, the checklist, and the lesson planning guide and contact me with any questions you may have.

We will utilize this week as safe practice: I will visit classrooms to observe the implementation of the Guided Reading Groups as per the checklist. Next Week, the Admin team will observe the fidelity of implementation. Please ensure that you have posted your Power Hour Groups and identified which students are a part of those groups. As students leave your room, please ensure they have several books, pencils and after reading activities. Here you will find the Student Placement Master.


On September 22nd, Mrs. Randolph will provide a phonics training that will provide teachers with various options for classroom center activities!


As you prepare your guided lessons, please be sure that you are providing instruction a level above students’ independent level. In wanting to be intentional about our instruction, it is vital to student achievement that we are constantly stretching and increasing their abilities.

Performing Arts Pep Rally

Congratulations to our Performing Arts Department for putting on a great show for our students. Although I missed the event, the reviews have all been unanimously positive! Thank you to all of our staff performers and support staff in making this event memorable.

Be on the look out for more information regarding our next steps in identifying the talents of our students!

Ice Cream Social at Redemption Fellowship Church

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Character Kid Assembly: Septmber 30th

Please submit your September Character Kid names by the end of the day Wednesday, September 22nd.

PBIS Relay Event: September 30th

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Big image

AZ Youth Night @ Banneker High School: Friday 9.23.16

Please ensure that these flyers make it home with students tomorrow. Love T. Nolan is considering the idea of getting a bus and traveling as a school to this event (avoid the madness of parking) if there is enough staff interest. Please complete the link below to RSVP. Staff responses are due by 9:00 a.m.

We would love to offer the remaining seats to families who RSVP. That RSVP slip will also accompany this letter.

Morning Announcement Book

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Say it Loud! Morning Announcement Shout Outs!!!

Please feel free to write a positive message of encouragement or congratulations to students or colleagues. These messages will be read daily during the morning announcements. The book will be located near the manual teacher sign-in log in the main office. The book will be collected by 7:20 each morning. Thanks for participating in spreading the love at LTN!