Martin's Memos

Volume 1, Issue 37: June 15, 2018

This Week

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What a fun ride we have been on this year!

It seems like just yesterday that we started this program...and look what it has become! I absolutely love the quote at the top. It so wonderfully sums up the progress we've made this year and how far the students and this program have come. I will truly miss all of the students this summer and am looking forward to meeting up a few times as a group! Please see below for our first GT family meet up! The invite will be extended to all incoming GT students!

Have a great summer!


-Ms. Kate Martin

Avondale GT Program 2017-2018 Tile Mosaic

The tiles have been painted by the students and fired in the kiln by Ms. my task this summer is to grout them in a frame! It looks great so far! We'll also add a title of some sort, and the students will sign their name on the tile they created.

Next year we can have it in the pod or a classroom, and then once we're at Meadows we can create a more permanent spot. :)

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Ms. Martin's GT Class: Year in Review!

End-of-Year Photos

Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers I consistently had in my classroom this year!

Kimberly Bachmann

Wendy Broughton

Megan Marx

Janet Raymond

Heather Shaw

Ali Weadock

Jennifer Wloch

I truly appreciate all of your help and hard work. It takes a village!

Popsicles in the Park!

Why: To build community and welcome our new families into the program, Ms. Martin's and Ms. Gierman's classes are hosting a popsicles in the park event.

When: Saturday, June 23rd 6-8pm

Where: Firefighters Park in Troy

We already have almost 100 people coming! Wow!

We would love everyone who can make it attend, but we understand that everyone has many plans for the summertime. All parents are more than welcome to create additional community events or meet ups throughout the summer! The more events, the merrier!

Sign up to bring popsicles!!/showSignUp/10c0f48a4ae2ea1fb6-gtclass

Next Year

There will be two 4th-5th grade classes and two 2nd-3rd grade classes, with about 19-21 students per class. Student placement letters will be mailed out to families in August!

PTO at Meadows

Parents, please start thinking about if you'd like to learn about our current PTO and if you'd like to be involved in the PTO we'll create once we're at Meadows for the 2019-2020 school year. A few parents have expressed interest, however Ms. Schneider and I would like to wait until the start of this next school year to start discussing plans. There are many bylaws and rules for election of the everything that goes along with creating a brand new PTO from scratch.

Overall, next year will be a "learning year" where interested parents can shadow our current officials. Attending the Woodland PTO meetings and events will be important as well. We want to build a strong community of parents and teachers at Meadows so that we can work together to continue to build our GT program.

Look for more information at the start of the 2018-2019 school year for all interested parents.

Don't Forget! Class Baseball Event at Jimmy John's Field!

If you were able to get the tickets from the reading incentive program.....Don't forget about the game on June 20th at 7pm! See you there!

Classroom Library Wish List

Keep an eye out for these books over the summer - ideally in sets of 4-5! The kids really grew to love the few we had in class....they're historical fiction.

Avondale "BEE a Reader" Program

Please see your child's packet of materials they brought home today. Included is a calendar with reading and writing ideas for each day to keep up their ELA skills. There are also 4 dates where students and a few teachers are meeting up to read. (See below)

Tuesday, June 26: Dairy Treat 11:00-12:30

Wednesday, July 11: Fire Fighter’s Park in Troy 11:00-12:30

Tuesday, July 24: Woodland’s Playground 11:00-12:30

Wednesday, August 8: Dairy Treat 11:00-12:30

More Summer Learning

Optional Summer Book Club!

Optional Online Summer Book Club!

Who: Students in the GT program

What: Summer Book Club

When: Once per week, starts July 9th

Where: Online - Google Hangouts

Why: To help keep our reading skills up over the summer and to keep in touch


  1. Log in using your Avondale email OR personal email on Please let me know your personal email address if you aren’t using Avondale’s.

  2. Click on the apps icon in the upper right hand corner. Look for: . If you don’t see it, click on “more”.

  3. Look on the left rectangle for a message with more directions from Ms. Martin!

The Basics:

  1. Choose one book (parent provided):

    1. The View from Saturday by E.L. Konigsburg

    2. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

  2. Read the required amount each week.

  3. After your weekly reading is complete, you must do two things each week by Friday:

    1. Post your own thoughts, comments, or interesting details about what you’ve read.

    2. Reply to at least one other classmate’s comment.

*I will email the parents whose children signed up for the book club.

More Summer Learning Ideas

One of the best parts about summertime is that everyone can relax and not have a ton of expectations for school work. However, I always get questions about resources to keep up academic skills over the summer...and some students have decided they're going to come over my house for extra math practice!! LOL. So I decided to start compiling a list of resources here on our newsletter.


Purple group math - Look for grade 4 materials

Blue group math - Look for grade 5 materials

Orange group math - Look for grade 6 materials

Remember that the students will always have free access to Khan Academy online. ( The students just need to go to the website, log in with their current credentials, and then choose "subjects" in the upper left hand corner. They can then choose the grade level material they need to work on and then they will start the "missions"! Students can also go to and continue to practice on their leveled skills, too.



Have you used the Lexile Find a Book feature?

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your lexile range.

  3. Choose your areas of interests.

  4. View your results!

  5. Find the books at local libraries or online!

Check out other website sources for books!




DON'T get too hung up on reading EXACTLY in your child's lexile. Find a balance! Maybe try encouraging your child to read every other book within their lexile. The purpose is to increase awareness that when we read within in our "zone of proximal development" we are challenging ourselves to come across new vocabulary and content.

Science and Social Studies:

Students will continue to have access to using these credentials below. This website has thousands of videos, reading passages, interactive activities, etc. for science and social studies.

User - ghes5

Pass - ghes5

Khan Academy has more than just math! It also has middle school and high school level science and social studies courses. Have your child log in and click on "subjects" to check it out!

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