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~ Hawley School Newsletter: September 14, 2020 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti.....

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians, Teachers, and Staff,

I hope that all of you and your families enjoyed the weekend and remain healthy and safe. We are entering our 1st full week of school. The Hybrid Model has allowed us to instruct all students while easing our way back into the building. EVERYONE (Staff, Students and Parents) has been working so hard. Everyone's patience and cooperation has been greatly appreciated. Go Hawley!!!

Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and stay seated as you read on to find out What's Happening at Hawley .......

~ Technology ~


We continue to supply Chromebooks to students that need them. The first round has been distributed and we are expecting the second round to be delivered shortly. Once here, we will reach out to those waiting to arrange pick-up.

For those wanting to purchase Chromebook Insurance, the form is available on our school website or you can also Click HERE.

Google Classrooms & Google Meets

Every student NEEDS to JOIN each teacher's Google Classroom. Although we began by emailing Google Meet links to parents, that is phasing out. All links to the Google Meets are going to be in the teacher's individual Google Classroom (Seesaw for grade 1).

So when you open the Google Classroom App, you will see a Classroom for the Homeroom Teacher and all specials (Art, Library, Music, PE & Spanish)

I had sent out a cheat sheet and video of joining Google Classrooms and then Google Meets (grade 1 is Seesaw v. Google Classroom). I am happy to share them again.

Continue to reach out to the teacher in charge of the class in which you have a question or tech issue. It may be hard for the teacher to reply immediately so if you do not hear back, the main office is another resource for you.

Desk Shields & Masks

Masks are work in the building by all staff and students. Masks cover nose and mouth. As an added layer of protection, all students have a desk shield that they sit behind. These are also used while eating as a mask is not worn during this time. There are also mask breaks that are managed and controlled throughout the day. Here is the language the District has shared with all schools:

Use of Masks at Recess or During PE

Students should be allowed to remove masks when outside and appropriate social distancing can be maintained. This includes classrooms going outside, recess and physical education classes. If students prefer to keep their mask on, even in these situations, they will not be required to remove them.

Desk Shields

Although not required by the Connecticut Department of Education, the District purchased desk shields to be used as an additional layer of protection. Desk shields must always be used when students are eating, drinking or any other time that a mask is removed, even for a brief period of time (except when outside and socially distanced). When appropriately socially distanced inside, students may be allowed, under the direction of their teacher, to remove their desk shields, especially in situations where the shield interferes with the delivery of instruction. However, we will be respectful of any student or staff member who prefers to maintain the use of the desk shield at all times.

~ Attendance ~

Whether we are All In, in the Hybrid Model, or fully Distance Learning, regular attendance is monitored, documented and reported to the State. It is imperative for students to be present during any and all Instruction / Google Meets throughout the day, for the Classroom Teacher, Resource Teachers and Special Area Teachers as well.

The State has created codes for us to use specifically for Remote Learning (RP- remote present, RAE- remote absence excused, RAU- remote absence unexcused). If your student is home and is going to miss a Google Meet for an appointment, you need to notify the teacher.

Certainly, if there is a technology glitch or unexpected Day Care issue (or some other situation), please contact the teacher. These instances will not be held against the student.


The Hawley PTA is holding their first General PTA Meeting THIS Wednesday, 9/16, at 6:30 pm. It is a Virtual Meeting; Link Invite and Agenda to follow.

Our PTA does so many wonderful things for the school (and has already). This year, they have already bought each student a tote bag, clipboard and pencil box for work on the go. In lieu of our ICE Cream Social, they are purchasing classrooms ice pops for an outside break treat. They need your support to continue to provide these things.

  • Click HERE to join the Hawley PTA
  • Click HERE to order your Hawely Wear to show School Spirit
  • Click HERE to order Charleston Wrap for the School Fundraiser

THANK YOU PTA for all that you do and

Thank You to all Parents for supporting our PTA.

Important Reminders / General Info

  • Parent Pick-Up has been going well. Thank you to everyone for their support. Remember the times: 3:25/3:30 Parents picking up students at Hawley and then at Reed, 3:30/3:35 Parents picking up just Hawley students, 3:40 Parents picking up Hawley students and Reed students riding over on the shuttle bus.
  • Walkers: Parents that walk your student to school, I ask that you say good-bye to them prior to the Bus Loop. I just want to keep the Bus Loop clear for just Staff and Students.
  • It goes without saying that no videos or audio recordings of staff should end up on social media or shared with other people. Discussions of other students or sharing of their work is not appropriate. Let's be role-models. If you have concerns or questions- reach out to me.

  • Everyone is doing a terrific job!!

  • Breathe: we are in this together.

Dates to Remember

  • Mon, 9/28: NO SCHOOL- Yom Kippur
  • Fri, 10/2: 2-Hr Delayed Opening- Professional Development
  • Mon, 10/5: End of Hybrid Model- All students (not Distant Learners) return to school everyday
  • Wed-Fri, 10/21-10/23: 3-HR Early Dismissals- Parent Teacher Conferences

~ REMEMBER....... ~

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