By: Colton

what are restaurants?

A restaurant is where you go if you do not want to cook or if you want to go out to eat with someone.They have many types of food like steak,barbecue,and many more.You can look online for great food places and results.

a restaurant

this is an restaurant

What types of food they serve?

They use many types of food it depends on what type of restaurant it is like a Mexican

,BBQ,Chines, will have Mexican,BBQ and Chinese food,like ribs or tomalley, rice and beans and sushi and the list goes on with more delicious food.

what are the top 5 best restaurants?

Sea Blue Restaurant wine and bar,Shushi Nakqazza,Fearrington House Restaurant,N/Naka are some of the biggest restaurants in America.

The history of restaurants

the first restaurants appeared in the 16 century it was Ye Olde Union Oyster House since 1823 in Amarica. It was listed a historical land mark in 2003(could not find the first owner.)Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau the first creator of restaurants?(