Grace Kids Update

Here's the Scoop For Grace Kids Ministry!!

Sunday Communities

Sunday Community Teachers Needed for 2015-16 school year. Sunday Communities begin at 11:00 with the start of Grace Kids Worship. Sunday Community teachers will sign in their students at the start of Grace Kids Worship and then dismiss with their class at the conclusion of Grace Kids Worship (around 11:15 AM). Your teaching time is from 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM. You will be on a team with 3 other teachers at this grade level. You will have a partner teacher and take turns with preparing/leading the lesson. The format is 2 weeks with one pair of teachers and 2 weeks with the other pair (Therefore once a month where one person has to lead and the other time assist, then off for 2 weeks). We do not have Sunday Communities the Sunday following Thanksgiving. We also have off 2 weeks for Christmas, a week at Easter, and Memorial Day Weekend. Please let me know if you are interested in helping next year. They are a great group of kids and the new curriculum provides many fun and engaging activities to do with the children. At this point I know there will be a need in the Preschool class for 2 teachers and the 2nd/3rd grade class for 1 teacher. I am still waiting to hear back from all my current teachers if they plan to continue or take a break.

Upcoming Events

Happy 1st Birthday to the GLOW & 4G Clubs!!

In reflecting on the past year and trying to make these clubs even better in the coming years, the leaders of these groups would like to tweak the age range of the participating children. We feel that the children who are most benefitting from the lessons of the group are the middle through upper elementary age. Consequently, beginning in September,

  • GLOW will be 1st - 5th Graders in order to include all who have participated in the past. At the beginning of the 2016 school year, we will move to a 2nd - 5th Grade group.
  • 4G will be 2nd - 5th Graders as this will allow them to include all the boys that have been a part of the group in the past.

We would love to see a group form for the K-1st Graders if there is someone with a desire to lead this age group. This could be either a combined boy/girl group or an all boys and an all girls group. The leaders of both GLOW and 4G would be more than happy to discuss lesson plans and ideas!

Sunday Communities (Remainder of the 2015 school year)

  • No Sunday Communities on May 3rd (GCPC Olympics) or May 24th (Memorial Day)
  • Memory Verse Celebration for Unit 5 Memory Verses on May 31st
  • Memory Verses for Unit 5 (NIV):
  1. Preschool and Kind./First Grade: "If you love me, keep my commands." John 14:15
  2. Second and Third Grade: Matthew 28:5-6
  3. Fourth and Fifth Grade: Matthew 28:1-7
  • Last day for Sunday Communities and Grace Kids Worship: June 7th (Break for the summer
  • A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Sunday Community teachers!!

Children's Worship & Sermon Study

Please note that there are four different classes that meet during the service. Due to the different classes the return time to the service may vary.

  1. Preschool
  2. Kindergarten/First Grade
  3. Second/Third Grade
  4. Sermon Study (Fourth/Fifth Graders)

Lastly - Mark your calendar for two fun summer experiences!!

1. Camping at Pocahontas State Park June 5th and 6th. Contact Ross Miller to rsvp:

2. Save the date for Saturday, August 8th to travel to Scottsville, VA to James River Reeling and Rafting. Children have to be 6 or older to participate.