medival castles

homes fit for kings and queens and their heirs

types of castles

  • Motte and bailey- came from the Normans in France when they invaded England in 1066
  • stone keep- during the 12th century castles were strengthened by using stone as the main building material
  • concentric- developed in the 12th and 13th centuries and offered the best protection against attack

parts of castles

  • the keep- at the heart of the castle is it's tower the number of floors within the tower depends on the size of the castle
  • the bailey- the enclosed area between the inside wall and the keep
  • the curtain - a strong wall was built around the outside of the keep and the bailey

development of castles

guaranted to be rustic and medieval

inside castles

  • a castle was much more than a fortress it was a home
  • the great hall was the heart of castle life this room held magnificent banquets
  • most castles had a small private chapel near the lords chamber it was the castle's most beautiful rooms
  • the food was cooked on open flame so the kitchens were built away from the keep incase they caught on fire