W-FL BOCES School Library System

January 2019

Happy New Year

We've weathered (no pun intended) the first big regional snowstorm....woo hoo! For 2019, SLS is pleased to introduce a new, innovative way to support the W-FL regional libraries and districts....Zendesk! More information to follow, but feel free to take a Zendesk "sneak peek" by watching the video below!!!

Professional Learning opportunities:

Library Maker-Mondays, Paper Moon: Feb 4

Legend says the moon is made of cheese, but we know better. In this session we will learn a little about origami, some paper circuitry, and talk about the moon. Library Maker-Mondays is a series of 1-hour workshops held on occasional Mondays taking place from 3:45 to 4:45 pm.

To register: https://bit.ly/2HqnJbz

A Second Helping of Noodles: Feb 13

This workshop is designed for educators who are already familiar with NoodleTools and want to take it to a higher level. Learn how to create projects that emphasize student collaboration; use exemplars to teach citation skills; tailor your notecard instructions to personalize learning; teach organization skills through the outlining feature; and construct a comment bank to deliver customized feedback. This workshop is ideal for teacher/librarian collaborations, so invite a colleague to attend with you! Please bring your device and a project you’d like to develop.

To register: https://bit.ly/2Go0gra

Take Advantage of your Advantage: Feb 27

Attention Media Library subscribers: Are you getting the most from your OverDrive account? Want to increase usage among your students and staff? Maximize your OverDrive collection with an Advantage Account. Learn about the various lending models available, including class sets and cost-per-circulation options. Practice shopping for titles and building carts. Explore helpful resources like automated lists and marketing tools, and customize your collection with curated lists.

To register: https://bit.ly/2R6W6YZ

Upcoming Conferences:

W-FL Regional PL Conference: Mar 20-21

Join educators from across the region at the W-FL PL Conference with keynote speaker Allison Zmuda!

For more information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kz7dQ3OG34mUmzUzdhKS0sisLiPIgQGW/view

SLS Contact Information

  • SLS Main Line: 315.332.2100
  • Katherine Hammill, SLS Director, 315.332.7236
  • Ryan Ayers, SLS Coordinator, 315.332.7231
  • Teresa Keyes, SLS Coordinator, 315.332.7241
  • Sharon Zadarlik, SLS Secretary, 315.332.7234
  • Sue Marcano, Library Automation, 315.332.7452