2015 is gone and it's the beginning of a new year and the new semester will be upon us soon. Whether you're a senior about to graduate or you're a freshman it's a good time to set goals. Resolutions are often broken almost as soon as they're made, but goals are something to work toward. Start with short term goals like six months. Write them down in a place you see often. Goals can also be revised to reflect what is going on in your life. Continue to write goals for 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and even life goals. Make it a point to look back and check off the goals you've achieved. Without goals you are putting your life on auto-pilot and allowing life to happen to you rather than taking control of what happens.
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Grease Lightning!

Cast list is posted!

The 'Grease' cast list was posted on Friday, January 8 during 9th period and students couldn't get there fast enough! If your name was anywhere on that list you are a winner!

But, I didn't get a part! I'm only in the cast you say? No, you really are a winner because you tried out! You made an effort and being a part of this production, no matter how big or small a part you play, will be one of the greatest memories of your high school career. Does anyone remember Ty Phelps who was in the play for the first time last year? Ty was fantastic and even when he wasn't the "center of attention" he was very visible and he made the most of his part and he cheered others on. The student body is already anxiously waiting to see what this years Drama Club will do with this production. So whether your part is big or small make the absolute most of it

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Consequences of Sexting

Your mom, your dad, your grandmother, family friends just saw something disturbing on the Internet...It was you. Stop and really think about the consequences of sending pictures or texts. They never go away--they're out in cyberspace forever. Future employers could see them--Don't do it!

Read Consequences of inappropriate online behavior carefully.