7th Grade Newsletter


In January students will continue the unit of Writing about reading: from readers notebooks to companion books. In this unit students create a real-world writing product that would match the work we want them to do most while being engaging and having them craft varied informational writing about literature. To help this unit move smoothly please encourage your child to read for 30 minutes every night and log so they can use these novels to create their companion books.


Students will continue working on the concept of personal identity formation and transformation in both historical and modern societies. The module begins with an overview of what “identity” means and how it can mean different things to different people. In Unit 1, students read first-person narratives that focus on various social identifiers—from race to gender to socioeconomic status—as they begin to frame their understanding of what identity means. Students read informational text, identifying central ideas, analyzing how an author develops his or her claims, and identifying how the sections of the text interact to form those ideas. Unit 1 builds students’ background knowledge as they closely read Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and further explore the identity transformation of the play’s main character.


For the month of January, students will continue to familiarize themselves with the ideas of enlargement, scale factors, area growth, indirect measurement, and other similarity-related concepts. The Problems in this Unit are designed to help students begin to accumulate the knowledge and experiences necessary to make these kinds of distinctions and to reason about scaling in geometry situations.


In the month of January, students will continue learning about the phases of the moon as they log in their observations everyday. In this Unit, they will also explore the features of the moon in more detail. They will simulate impact events to discover the variables that determine crater characteristics as well as conducting experiments to determine the effect of meteoroid speed on crater characteristics. By conducting experiments and analyzing their data, students will be able to then organize their data to draw conclusions on how craters were form.

Social Studies

In the month of January we will be exploring the problems that start to arise among the original 13 colonies. Strict rules and taxes are placed on the colonists by the King of England and this does sit well with the people of the New World. New ideas about what the New World should look like start to fuel the colonists to ban together to fight for their independence.

Important Information

  • School returns back from winter recess on 1/4/16
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School Closed 1/18/16