The Start of the Revolution

Americans fight with the British and come out victors

Lexington & Concord

One of the many battles that led to the American victory of their war with Britain was the battle of Lexington and Concord. With intentions of destroying all of the Americans ammunition in Concord, on the 18th of April, 1775, the British were advancing towards the Americans through the Boston Harbor. In Boston they were planning on kidnapping colonial leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Luckily, Paul Revere, a revolutionary, warned the patriots by announcing the arrival of the British.

Minute men were ready to defend Boston and eventually slowed the British down enough so the townspeople of Concord could hide their ammo and weapons. Only few goods were destroyed. Out of the 75 minute men after our victory, only eight died and ten others were injured.

Future of America

How We Did It

This battle in particular has another significance. It was the start of the revolution. The first shot fired in the American Revolution was during the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Why is this important for our country? This was the start of a revolution that would win us our country. Now, back then it didn't seem that we were even remotely able to win the war. We had no trained army, few men, few supplies, no military experience, and Britain was the most powerful country of that time. Now the only reason we had a chance was because we had powerful allies such as France. They gave us leaders like Marquis Lafayette. Also our general at the time, George Washington, came up with a new military plan that had us defend rather than defeat. This meant that we would stand ground and protect, instead of rushing into battle. These were some reasons that we, the underdogs, won the American Revolution.

Impact Across The World

This war wasn't unknown across the world. It actually inspired our ally, France, to have a revolution of their own. The realized that independence was an important thing to have so they successfully overthrew their government like we did. A lot of European countries fought for independence because they saw a week country take down the biggest empire in the world at the time. We fueled their fire. England couldn't keep up because of the the debt of the American war wasn't helping to stop the other colonies that were revolting. But it also put a financial burden on France and other countries that helped the Americans.