You Are The Reason Awards

January 2015

Let's Give a Round of Applause to January "You Are The Reason" Award Recipients!

Kulbhushan Saxena

Kulbhushan worked through the complaints portal automation apart from his BAU responsibilities of ACS and rview maintenance, which further enables users to reach out to specific centers for closure on each customer complaint. He worked through the database, UI design, table mapping and ensured that the portal was delivered on time. KB stretched his limits to complete the changes and incorporate the enhancements before the actual soft launch on Dec 18th. He was also instrumental in designing the reports at a center level. This automation has reduced manual work, brought in the required focus around complaints with escalation and sign off processes enabling better insights and more effective action plans. The application brings in the required intelligence around tracking, follow ups and closures on each complaint received, via various sources like, CARS, CERS, email etc. Thank you for your stamina and tenacity in developing solutions that move the business forward!
Nominated by: Tanmay Singh

Michael Fallo

Mike's partnership and teamwork was instrumental in organizing vendor support for the GSO 2015 kick offs. Mike worked closely with Susan Pearson to understand kick off locations, audience, and content that would best assist them on the phones with our customers. He then meet with each of his vendor partners to solicit their participation in traveling to the kick off locations, supporting table day and offering raffles for agents to lunch and learn. What was really great as well is that for those content providers that could not travel to all kick off locations, many of them supplied swag to our CCMs so that they could be the HBO/Cinemax, Showtime, DirecTV SMEs for the day. The partners have shared that this was a terrific add to the kick offs this year and that agents enjoyed talking with the vendors directly to understand the offerings/promotions. Thank you Mike for your time, effort, and collaboration of resources to make this concept a reality! You are the reason GSO has great vendor partnership!
Nominated by: Nancy Perry