Hawk Housekeeping

January 11, 2016

Delayed Payroll

Just a quick follow up on the presented information regarding the Delayed Payroll System to be implemented. I appreciated your questions, analogies, and processing of the information aloud as a staff. Just to make sure we have all left with the same information.

Will your end of the 2015-16 check be affected? NO

The payroll delay will occur at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year as we discussed while reviewing the table below.

* The dates below show dates you will work. As you can see by the NEW system pay date that there is delay from the last day you work for that pay period.

My Gifts to You

I am so glad that you are finding my Christmas Coupons valuable!!! Yeah me! I have had a couple of questions about them so I want to clarify the tiny, nearly invisible, fine print disclaimers on them.

LP Coupon

  • Turn it into the file box for lesson plans
  • Sign it and put the week you are using it

Meeting Coupon

  • These are limited to "my" staff meetings only
  • Please check with me earlier to see if the meeting has mandatory information
  • Always sign-out when you leave before 3:30 pm

Leave Early

  • Please check with me earlier that day
  • Restricted to non-meeting days
  • If you are a 21st Century Teacher, please pick a non-tutoring day
  • Always sign-out when you leave before 3:30 pm

Contract Hours

It is important that you are on campus by 7:30 am each morning. Obviously when there is a traffic issue or other unexpected problem you cannot help it but call to let the office know.

Friday's Early Release Plan

Friday, January 15th is an early release day and a Facilitated Planning Day. Facilitated Planning is a guided, collaborative activity for accomplishing an objective as determined by a Site Leadership (per REA Professional Agreement).

Below are the details of our planning for Friday.

Objective: To utilize resources to develop a plan for supporting our students in AzMERIT and Galileo Assessments

Materials Needed: laptop, PLD Packet (given to you before Fall Break), and grade level

Blueprints (see a coach if you need an additional copy of something)

Outcome: A grade level plan to best prepare our students for the upcoming assessment(s)

Please let me know if you have questions!

Responsibility to Our Students

I have asked the Sped Team to cc me on 2nd and 3rd requests to teachers for paperwork they knew of in advance for an upcoming I.E.P. meeting. This is our professional responsibility, but more importantly, it is our responsibility to our student to not allow him/her to slip through the cracks. This is our responsibility to our student to show we are working to help them. Not returning requested data, documentation, or other requesting items is working against each student. Our Sped Team sets appointments with other schools, parents, administration, and themselves to attend these meetings weekly. They have to write the report and recommendation (based on your information), input the information, and work with all stakeholders to find the best educational support for each student. I will be asking to personally meet with teachers that receive 2nd and 3rd requests for requested documentation.


  • Student of the Month is Wednesday
  • Weekly lesson plans should be open and in view for guidance
  • Weekly lesson plans are due, in paper form each Monday at 7:30 am
  • Grade levels must secure a common planning day for collaborative planning with substitutes
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