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Cinema is an art among dance, painting, theatre and the most of us go cinema to watch film. Today there are special effects, colours, audios, subtitles etc. Cinema is an art who became important at 1880. Photograghes helped people to make a film at 19th century and one century later discovered audios. For centuries films weren't have colours and there were only black and white. Some years ago films started to have colours
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Theatre is an art who became in Athens. At first there were commedy and tragedy. Then, became another kind of theatre like opera, ballet and mime. Only men could play in theatre not women. The Globe theatre is a famous theatre. Syndey's Opera, Metropolitan Opera and ''Theatro alla scala'' too.
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Εθνικό Θέατρο Ακροβατών της Κίνας - Splendid Εισιτήρια
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