FA 1 & 2 Technology Club News

Week 2

Technology Club

We will meet every Wednesday right after carpool between until September 3rd. Students may bring a snack to eat right after carpool. Please go over club rules (and consequences) with your child before our meeting tomorrow. Pick up time is 4:15pm. I will wait with students outside building 1 and we will dismiss carpool style. Let's hope for clear skies tomorrow afternoon!

Club Rules & Consequences

Club Rules:

Remember the iPad Promises.

Use kind words.

Listen when Mrs. Chaney is talking.

Examine your area and clean up after yourself.

Sanitize hands before using iPads.


1st offense – Warning

2nd offense – 5 minutes off iPad time

3rd offense – 10 minutes off iPad time + apology note to Mrs. Chaney

4th offense – call to parents

This Week's Activity

This week we will be starting on our Puppet Pals show! Our focus this week will be to plan (scene, characters, beginning, middle & end) and if time, we will start recording. We plan to finish these next week and share on Google Drive.

Google Drive

We will be sharing our technology projects to Google Drive this quarter. This link is to a shared folder where each club participant has their own folder where they will put their projects. ANYONE with the link can access so feel free to share with family & friends.


Contact Mrs. Chaney

The best way to get in touch with me is via email. I have planning from 8:00-8:55am and try to check email in between classes. I will get back to you as soon as possible!