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Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Lots of new and wonderful things this next few weeks: the news from high schools is paramount on everyone's mind, the preparations for the Washington DC trip, the expectations and the prospect of new friendships, teachers, dances, sports teams, campuses, and processes . . . all bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation like that of Christmas morning.

I revel in the wonder and awe of the 8th graders as they build up in their minds the "freedom" they will be gaining and the possibilities of re-imagining themselves in high school. It's always fun to hear about their successes in the years following graduation. There's nothing more rewarding to elementary teachers than to hear that the students you watched transform for nine years are "growing into their own".

First, if I haven't said this enough, please know that I care very deeply for every single one of these kids. They have a special place in my daily prayers, especially when I visited churches in New Mexico over Winter Break. I pray for their well-being, for their developing sense of self, and most of all, their trust that all will be well.

Today, they will get their Graduation Photo orders. Soon, you will hear from me about Graduation events and plans for the remainder of the year. I'm thanking you in advance to help us all focus on the many things that still need to be accomplished. I would like to work as hard as I could to make this a year that they will remember fondly.

GREAT BIG KUDOS to all the students for an amazing job at today's Unit performances. If you were there, you saw the drive and dedication that went into the productions. Thank God, many included moments of levity, infusing historical facts with their wit and comedic stamp. To think, all of this was accomplished with little more than a week to prepare, a super-low budget and limited time to really rehearse. Amazing! Thank you for sharing these children of God with me. It reminds why I decided to return to a school site!

Many thanks to Nannette Kern for helping us celebrate our success and Pi Day with yummy pies. It was a great lunch entree for me!


Please join us tomorrow for our March mass and to send off the 8th graders with a blessing as we leave for Washington DC. At 2:15P, we will gather as a junior high for Trimester 2's Honor Assembly to celebrate our academic and service learning achievements.


You recently received my email about Washington DC. Please refer to those resources if you don't find it here. If I didn't cover something, please let me know. I'm sending this today to let you know about other important details that our wonderful parent chaperones noted at this morning's meeting.


The DC sweatshirts are here and they are beautiful! Thank you to the Mahoneys for getting this off the ground rather quickly. If you haven't yet paid for yours, please contact Maureen to arrange payment. Students may wear them to school tomorrow (they will need to change to fleece or sweater for mass to be in compliance with formal uniform requirements). They may wear this sweatshirt with uniform bottoms on regular uniform Fridays.

Wednesday Breakfast and Lunch

Because we are leaving school early on Wednesday and because our flight is non-stop, we recommend that students pack a protein-rich lunch to eat on the plane (no liquids please). The in-flight food offered by VIrgin America may not be substantial enough for their growing appetite. There are stores open when we get beyond the security checkpoint in Terminal 2 at SFO. However, depending on the time it takes us to check in and go through security, they may not have enough to sustain them for the 5+ hours of cross-country flight. Their next meal won't be until 6:30 EDT when we arrive in Dulles.

Because Virgin America no longer takes cash on board, you will want to get your child a prepaid card (Visa, American Express) to use if they wish to purchase food on the plane or at the airport.

Weather update

My brother who lives in Annandale, VA reports that it has been in the 40s and 50s. The Weather app on my iPhone says it will rain on Sunday. Please pack accordingly. Alas, gone are the 70s temperature of last week.

Chaperone Groups

Below, you will find the Chaperone Groups so that you know which parents will be touring with your child. We are so fortunate to have such caring and conscientious parents to make sure our precious passengers are in good hands!

Monday, March 21

Students will be returning to school during Holy Week at 10 A.M. on Monday morning so that they may enjoy a few extra hours of sleep.

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A couple of interesting articles are highlighted below for your reading pleasure.

Many blessings to you for your continued support! Pray for us!


Mrs. Mantecón

DC Chaperones Group

Mrs. Nequist & Ms. Johnson

Neela Kausik

Sela Nequist

Emmy Tobin

Clara Veres

Maddie Schmid

Ms. Bendik & Mrs. Kern

Noelle Nguyen

Sophia Mastropolo

Patrick Kern

Jan Heiss

Ms. Hunter & Mrs. Sullivan

Hudson Morley

Jack Sullivan

Matthew Nazari

Michael Shannon

Blake Galatea

Mrs. Lally & Mrs. Bozzini

Kate Lally

Niccola Bozzini

Hailey Hansen

Portia Randall

Stella Mokaves

Mr. Gadbois & Mr. Raynak

Annalise Gadbois

Ciara Mahoney

Weston Raynak

Sean Hartnett

Evan Keiser

Mrs. Teresi & Mrs. Duflock

Nick Teresi

Holden Duflock

Reed Jamieson

Annabelle Duflock

Madeline O’Hara

Mr. Stout & Mrs. Fanslau

Nick Stout

Quin Rogers

Bryce Lambing

Dominic Fanslau

Patrick Rooney