The Great Barracuda

An amazing fish

The ferocious beast swimming silently through the sea, the beast known as the Sphyraena barracuda or more commonly known as Great Barracuda. “Get ready to learn about the Great barracudas the barracuda fascinating attacks wonderful appearance and location’’, The barracuda is truly six feet of pure magnificence.

What they eat and how they eat

The vicious monster known as the Great barracuda (or synthetic name Sphyraena barracuda) clenched it’s amazing jaws, squeezes it’s prey in the jaws, jerking head its head back and forth till the food rips apart and then eats it . Some things that the barracuda eats are jacks, grunts, mullets, snappers, small tunas,and mullets. The Great barracuda with 2 row of teeth the great barracuda can use to eat all they eat, According to Cathleen Bester (1).


The Great Barracuda has a great and useful, and beautiful appearance The Barracuda appearance is spantaciler tube like shape, large mouth and a stripe down its body, According to the (2)shedd aquarium, They also say that the Great barracuda is about a whopping 6 feet and 110 pounds! Between the eyes the head is flat. Its got 2 rows of sharp teeth “The second dorsal fin, anal, and caudal fins are violet to black with whitish tips’’says Cathleen Bester(1).

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The great barracuda lives in a fascinating place.The location of the barracuda who usually lives in the tropics from 6 to 45 feet below says department of biology. Another thing is that they could usually live by a coral reef or a shipwreck or by a coastline, says the shedd aquarium and with info from Cathleen Beste. They (the Great Barracuda) sometimes live in Caribbean sea, Western Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean, states
I hope you can see that the barracuda is awesome. The Great barracuda has a great location and diet and great hunting, with a beautiful appearance. I hope you can see why this fish is so magnificent.