Awaken Your Creative Power

A Sacred Circle of Women

Woman is the flow of spirit and the radiance of light. She is the primal creative power of the universe and the torchbearer for the human spirit.

Join together in this Sacred Circle of women to reignite the flame of your invincible core. Reclaim your intuitive wisdom and creative power and move forward with a newfound confidence and clarity.

In this workshop we will:

  • · Release self limiting patterns and clear the pathways for new beginnings
  • · Discover the art of maintaining your power, presence and projection
  • · Awaken your Radiant Being
  • · Explore creative solutions to challenging situations
  • · Journey into the unique female ways of thinking, processing and communicating
  • · Celebrate your Divine Creative Power as Woman


Thursday, Aug 1st, 6:30-9pm

2 Fredrikslundsvägen

Stockholm, Stockholm County

Workshop fee is 300 SEK

Please register by July 28th as space is limited!