Tami's Gen 0 Treasures

September 2014 Newsletter

Celebrating, Encouraging & Rewarding YOU!

In the Thirty-One World, teams and recruits on built on lineage, divided my "Generations". If you signed up directly under me or you signed up under someone else but I am the Director above you, then you are in what we call, "my Gen 0." In fact, if you are receiving this newsletter then you are my Gen 0. The only time you would no longer be my Gen 0 is if the person who sponsored you, promotes to Director. Then you would become my Gen 1. It took me a long time to understand this so if it's foggy, don't worry. It's not really all that important.

The Treasures team has been growing by leaps and bounds, which is truly AMAZING! For a long time I have struggled with how to support my entire downline but still show love to my Gen 0. I certainly don't have it all figured out but I am trying a new approach. I have learned a lot from a fellow 31 sister and friend, Kirstin Tracy. I shared my struggle and she in turn shared how she manages a team of over 300 and still connects with her Gen 0. So, I am implementing some of the things I have learned from Kirstin. This collaboration is just another example of the 31 sisterhood.

As may of you may have noticed, I added a Tami's Gen 0 Facebook Group. The intent of this is to create a more intimate group where I can better support you as a smaller group and CELEBRATE, ENCOURAGE and REWARD Y-O-U! I encourage you to continue utilizing and connecting with your 31 sisters on Tami's Treasures Lineage group, Jackie's Jems, and Jen Cornell's SED Lineage. These groups offer a wealth of knowledge and support. Tami's Gen o Treasures Facebook group is a smaller, more intimate group.

Along the same lines I am doing 2 newsletters. It may sound like more work but it's really not. I want to be able to CELEBRATE you and your accomplishments and successes as my Gen 0 through Tami's Gen 0 Treasures newsletter and I also want to CELEBRATE the entire team's success through Tami's Treasures Lineage Newsletter. I hope you will take the time to read both!

WELCOME to the THIRTY-ONE FAMILY and My Gen 0 Team

Please welcome the new Thirty-one Sisters who joined our family in August: Carrie Alvarez, Alice Howard, Ashley Scheppe, Kristie Kellogg, Nancy Emilio and Yvette Brazo. We are thrilled to share this amazing journey will all of you.

WHY Leadership?

Because Thirty-one continues to spoil you with things like this AMAZING Tote....and so much more! Congratulations to Linda Bender and Debi Chamberlain for earning this new Canvas Carry-all. It will come with their title and name on it.

If you are curious about Leadership, let's schedule a 30 minute call. I am happy to answer all your questions. If you already know Leadership is your path, join my Director in Training series starting in October.


Cheers to everyone's success in August! Special Congratulations to the August Top Sellers, Dream Builders & Party Girls in my Generation 0 downline.


Each month I share my personal stats as a way to show YOU the difference leadership can make in your life.

Downline Team Sales: $ 23,559

Personal Volume: $ 1402

Number of Parties: 3

Recruits: 1

Commission as Consultant: $ 350.50

Actual commission because I chose Leadership: $ 1273.61 (difference $923.11)

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