Transel Saga

By Gary Paulsen

Do you like Mystery and action?

If you like mystery and action you will love this book. This book has tons of mysteries. It also has a lot of action right at the start.

What is the genre and lexile level of Transall Saga?

The lexile level of Transall saga is 630. The genre of Transall saga is science fiction.

Rated 4.5 stars at barnes & nobels. Rated 4 stars at Goodreads.

What is it about?

Its about a guy named mark that is 13 years old hiking threw a mountain missile range and sees this mysterious blue light and he gets consumed by it and it transports him to another time.

The Author of this book, Gary Paulsen

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My favorite moment.

My favorite moment is when mark is getting pelted by tree rocks by the "bear monkeys".