Panther Note

May 13, 2016

Updates will be added as information arrives. Have a great and well deserved weekend.

ALL on Supervision this week

Thank you for being present and engaged. Share any concerns early so we can proactively address. Have a great FINAL FOUR and a half days.

MAP a Success

Thank you for your efforts throughout testing season. Whether it be students we are working with or teachers coming to the office to celebrate ... early indications are that growth has been very visible.

It is no surprise in a year that you have focused so well on quality instruction and assessment with a heavy balance on the whole child (Executive Functioning, efficient Problem Solving, Student Independence, frequent Celebration....) that we hear how GOOD staff and students are feeling.

I look forward to seeing actual results and spending the next four days celebrating the personal successes.

Thank you to each of you involved in making connections and carrying out the details. I anticipate strong reports in the coming days.

Farewell Video

Thank you to Lisa Nocita for the hard work in creating the 8th Grade Farewell Video and the technology set up in the gym for the event.

Much appreciated!

Drawing for Checkout

Starting Monday, see Kelsa for the Checkout Drawing. She will add you to the list by Wednesday at noon. If you haven't drawn, you will be added to the list alphabetically after that time.

Due May 17 Nancy Croucher: an email about your Locker Clean out Plan Stacey: Student Obligation Form with Parent Communication Notes

Due May 19 Kelsa: Textbook Inventory (directions in packet - see Sigg if unclear) Kelsa: Summer Maintenance Request Needs

Due May 20 Nancy Croucher: Grade Print Out by Class Kelsa: Key Inventory and Keys Kelsa: Confirmation that Tech is stored for Summer Kelsa: Crisis Handbook Kelsa: T Shirt Order Form / Personal information Updates Kelsa: Room Diagram and confirmation that all is stored as it should be Sigg: D/F Parent Communication Log Sigg: Hard Copy of any Final Assessments Sigg: Laptop Check Out Request

The Final Four and a Half


**Talent Show Rehearsal


**Farewell Practice (8th grade will report to a core class 7th hour)

**Talent Show Rehearsal

**Farewell Assembly

Arrival--Chris Cakes in Commons

--8:15 Line Up in Hallways

--8:25 Processional

--9:30 Begin to Load the Busses

**PSM EOY Staff Celebration at Nick and Jake's (see Donna J for information)


**Half Day Schedule

--7:50 - Hand out Yearbooks / Sign in Classrooms

--8:15 - Yearbook Signing in Pod

--9:15 - Return to room and stack chairs (leave yearbooks)

--9:30 - Talent Show

--10:30 - Return to rooms (6th - 1st Hour, 7th - 6th Hour, 8th - 6th Hour)

**Lunch at 11:30

**Checkout begins at 1:30

Eighth Grade Update

8th Grade Finals: Tuesday, May 17 (hours 1,3,5) & Wednesday, May 18 (hours 2,4,6).

Farewell Ceremony and Power Play will be on Thursday.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

Students will be checking grades and wrapping up the semester by studying for finals, turning in overdue books, and cleaning out lockers.

Seventh Grade Update

Social Studies: Students turned in a persuasive essay on Friday, but there are still many who did not yet turn these in.


Reading: Literature Circle project presentation are on Monday, May 16th.

ELA: Students have been working on their anthology project or analyzing a poem for the AOL. The AOL will be on Monday, May 16th if students choose this option. They will begin presentations on Tuesday, May 17th if they choose one of these options.


Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade- We are working on transformational geometry. Much of the work will be completed here at school with the software,Geometer’s Sketchpad, which is not accessible from home.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic: The last AOL of the school year will be Wednesday, May 18.


AOL Poster Project is due on Monday for Burton and Tuesday morning for Catlett. The Ecosystem Unit AOL will be Wed for Burton and Thursday for Catlett.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

Students will be checking grades and wrapping up the semester by studying for upcoming tests, turning in overdue books, and cleaning out lockers.

Support Team

Concerts, tryouts and closing events for the year have been a huge success. Large crowds, excited students and proud parents have been abundant.

For each of these assemblies, concerts, tryouts and professional learning days significant set up is required.

Thank you to our custodial and support teams for communicating and setting up on the drop of a dime. So appreciated!