The Islamic Faith in Review

Allah the facts

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Muhammed- (570-632CE)

Muhammed founded Islam in 610CE with writings of what he believed to be the final revelation of God through the archangel Gabriel. These writings were recorded by his companions to eventually create the Qur'an, the Islamic holy book

Places of Practice

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  • Profession of Faith (declaring loyalty to god)
  • Prayer (five times a day at call to prayer lead by Imam facing Mecca)
  • Alms (giving to charity regularly)

Mosque (Taj Mahal)

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Qur'an (Koran)

The religious text of Islam containing the final thoughts and revelations of God through Muhammed.


  • Ashura
  • Mawhid
  • Ramadan
  • Id al-Fitr
  • Id al-Adha

Views on Divorce

If initiated by the wife- Khula (if the husband not at fault) Wife must pay dowery

If initiated by husband- Talaq must pay Dowery in full

If spouse at fault- Talaq (after delegating obligators to assist in solving problem) conditional divorce

Generally condemned in Islam, but allowed after trails of fault, oaths under God, or otherwise

Qur'an (65:1)-(65:2), (33:49), (2:231)-(2:241)

Views on Abortion

Wives life takes precedence over foetus

Child of rape is legitimate

If not a purposeful decision, must have abortion before 4 months of development but still frowned upon

Qur'an Sahih al-Bukhari (4:54:430),(9.4.20), Abu Dawood (4555)