farming and sharecropping

by Dani Penn

The start of farming and sharecropping.

After the Civil War, thousands of former slaves and white farmers forced off their land by the bad economy lacked the money to purchase the farmland, seeds, livestock, and equipment they needed to begin farming. so they started a new way of farming like sharecropping and Tenant farming.

Tenant framing.

Tenant farmers-They owned the crops they planted and made their own decisions about them. After harvesting the crop, the tenant sold it and received income from it.


Sharecroppers-They borrowed everything and Sharecroppers had no control over which crops were planted or how they were sold. After harvesting the crop, the landowner sold it and applied its income toward settling the sharecropper’s account.

Who would work on the fields

White families and African Americans families would work on the fields. Most of them were farmers and slaves. Women and children also helped a lot to

Life as a farmer.

The sharecroppers lived on other farmers land and used others supplies and had nothing to call their own. They lived their live paycheck to paycheck. They always had something to keep them going .
Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Cotton
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