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My Global Issue: Poverty


Poverty is a terrible global problem that nobody can stop when the economy and government are in debt. It is a mixture of having little or no money and having no food or water and starving. Most people get a chance for an education and job, but people in poverty don’t get that chance and might die because of it. If you are lucky enough, technology will give you that chance and might bring you up from poverty, like for example a machine that can clean and collect water will help them become less hungry.

1 in 2 kids live in poverty and 16.4 million youth are poor and live in working families. Kids can participate in “food for education” which gives them an education and food. It costs the U.S. around half a trillion dollars to keep some kids out of poverty. People that are helping out are investing in a higher education for kids.

It’s not just the people in America that are in poverty, its people all around the world. African Americans have a higher percentage of poverty than Caucasians and Asians. 42% of single women are in poverty, and 21% of single men are in poverty. Poverty only happens to kids at a young age and they can't do anything about it because their family gave them it. 40% of all births in America that happen outside marriage.

A person dies every 3 ½ seconds because of poverty. 25,000 people die per day because they don’t have enough to eat or drink. 400,000,000 people have no access to safe water, thats ⅛ of the whole world. 640,000,000 have no shelter or place to live. Poverty in Africa is caused because the amount of clean water is very slim.

When the economy is doing badly it takes a major impact negatively to people in poverty. Poverty can be stopped, it just hasn’t happened yet. Poverty isn’t natural, it is man-made. You can help by participating in programs like “food for work” for adults. Kids and adults in poverty usually don’t have enough money for any sort of food or drink.

Poverty in America is because the both Democrats and Republicans fail to help. The U.S. have become increasingly poorer each month. More than 50 million Americans are in Medicaid( the U.S. government’s health care program for the poor. Some of the middle class citizens are falling into poverty. 28% of all U.S. households have at least one member looking for a job. More than ¼ of all Americans have a credit score less than 599.

Children in poor families are 6 times more likely to drop out of school than kids in wealthy families. Usually schools in bad condition are in cities where 70% of the students are in poverty. Urban students are less likely to graduate than suburban students. 130 million teens and kids live without 1 or both parents. Kids in poverty are not very likely to succeed in high school.

One third of the world in poverty live in India. More than 9 million children die per year under the age of 5. More than 1.6 billion people lack access to electricity and modern forms of energy. 1.4 billion people live below the poverty line. Everyday 1,500 women die because of a fail in pregnancy.

Around 60% of Americans will spend at least one year below the poverty line. 15% of americans are in poverty. About 42% of children in poverty are under 6 years of age. Theres no cities in the U.S. where nobody is not getting minimum wage. Often people in poverty have to commit crimes to get food. 925 million people suffer from hunger.

Poverty has been slowing down in East Asia and India since the 19th century. A kid is born into poverty every 33 seconds. India’s government said that the percentage of their people in poverty is around 38%, thats about 380 million people. You need more calories in rural areas than in urban areas. India has not been able to help all the citizens due to poverty.

In Kansas City, 28.4% of the population is below the poverty line, when the state of Kansas is 17.9%. Also in Kansas City, 65% of their poor don't have a job or don't work for money and only 4% work all year long. The suburbs in KC are growing more and more poor. The percentage of people in poverty in the suburbs are 33%, as people in the urban areas are around 67%.

I think that poverty is too high in any case. Poverty should be less than 10% or none at all. The reason is because governments all around the world are failing to help any of its citizens and are making them starve and die due to lack of food and water because they don't have a job to get enough to eat or drink. Poverty is as high as its ever gotten in the U.S. Poverty is all about the job you have and the type of education you have too.

In most countries, their governments are not helping the fact that poverty is extremely high but are making it worse for them. Its getting even harder for people to get jobs or even keep it. The government should be helping by increasing the job rate and start a campaign for the hungry. Poverty affects hundreds of millions of people and is one of the highest sources of death in the world.

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I am 14 and I live in Kansas. I shoot hoops outside and play occasionally on my Xbox. I am saving up my money to make a PC. My favorite video games are: Fallout New Vegas, Black Ops 2, Dead Space, and Battlefield 3. My favorite season is summer because you don't have to go to school, you get to sleep in, and you can "hang out" with friends all day.