Why the Pug's Nose is Squashed

By Sophia B.

Long before you were born, dogs inhabited Great Britain instead of humans. At that point it was known as Great Barktain. In Great Barktain, there was a dog named Pug. She had a very long nose. In fact, it was so big, that it partially obscured her vision. She had to be careful not to run into things.

One day, Pug went over to her friend Pekingese's house. They were having a good time chatting about cooking and hair products and such, until Pekingese, who had a very flat face, remarked upon and laughed at how absurdly long Pug's nose was.

At this, Pug got very mad and ran out of the house. She was not concentrating, and kept running into things because she couldn't see, due to her nose.

She only stopped once it had turned to night. She was still so mad, that it took her a few minuets to realize that she couldn't see her nose any more. After running into so many things, she had finally squashed her nose flat!