Niswonger Online Newsletter

June 2022

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Summer Semester Dates

  • Monday, June 6: First Day of Classes
  • Wednesday, June 15: Progress Report 1
  • Friday, July 8: Progress Report 2
  • Friday, July 15: Late Work Deadline*
  • Friday, July 29: Last Day of Classes

*Last day for late work from the first half of the course. Visit for more information.

Summer Semester Stats

  • 220 enrollments representing 19 schools
  • 24 courses
  • 20 teachers
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Teacher Spotlight: Aaron Bible

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Mr. Bible teaches Government and U.S. History for Niswonger Online. He is passionate about teaching and learning. Mr. Bible is a favorite among our students because of the extra time he takes to provide meaningful feedback on their work in the form of audio and video comments. Students also appreciate how much he cares about them and his passion for his subject areas. In addition to teaching several courses this school year, Mr. Bible is also working to update our Government curriculum to make our online class better than ever. We are so thankful to have Mr. Bible on the Niswonger Online Team!

Course Spotlight: Health Science Education

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Health Science Education is an introductory course designed to prepare students to pursue careers in the fields of public health, therapeutics, health services administration, diagnostics, and support services. Upon completion of this course, a proficient student will be able to identify careers in these fields, compare and contrast the features of healthcare systems, explain the legal and ethical ramifications of the healthcare setting, and begin to perform foundational healthcare skills. This course will serve as a strong foundation for all of the Health Science programs of study as well as the Health Services Administration program of study.

AP Access for ALL

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Celebrating our AP Access for ALL students' success:

  • 990 AP credits earned '21-22
  • 81% course pass rate
  • 100% of the students who completed their course passed the class

We look forward to celebrating AP exam scores and more program success this summer.

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