Tuttle High School Covid Update

Issue 13 (03/28/2020)

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Remote Continual Learning Plan

Hi everyone! Just touching base with you on the plans for continued learning beginning April 6.

Our faculty is actively working to make plans for instruction in each of your classes for the remainder of the year. They currently can make contact with you all to touch base and they can prepare lessons and learn technology tools they may want to use to provide instruction. They cannot begin sending work or grading anything until Apr. 6. It will look different because you won't be in the building in a normal classroom setting. We miss you all so much!

School isn't over we are just moving to remote learning for the remainder of the year! We will be using various platforms to bring content to your home including Google Classroom, EdGenuity, Zoom or Google Meet virtual times, phone calls, GroupMe, Remind, and other resources. Each of your teachers will be connecting with you each week as they provide instruction and check in with you all. If you don't have access to some form of technology (computer, iPad, phone) and internet please let me know as soon as possible at thester@tuttleschools.info. We will be able to provide alternative instructional methods for those without technology access, but we need to know if you have that need! If it is just an internet issue, please let me know that as soon as possible also. We are working with the city on this issue.

What to expect:

  • For HS students, expect no more than 3 hours of work total each day or about 30 minutes daily per HS course (that includes any videos, conversations, and work).
  • We want this to be beneficial. We know times are weird and social distancing can take a toll on families. We don't want this to be punitive. Let us know if you are struggling with something!
  • Concurrent students need to be in contact with their universities. Those courses are continuing and they have their own plans in place.
  • Career Tech students will be contacted by their teachers for those plans. CVTC is developing their own plan as well.
  • Students enrolled in EdGenuity courses for credit need to continue those to completion.
  • Grades will be transcribed at the end of the semester just like normal.
  • Our counselors are available if you need them. An E-note and posts were made available on social media with information and a Google Form was created to make contact with them as often as needed.
  • The building is closed at this time. No events or extracurricular activities will be taking place through the end of the school year and summer. The OKSDE could make changes if the CDC restrictions change.
  • Graduation will still occur. We are working on plans, so be patient with us as we make various plans based on a variety of factors that could change between now and then.
  • We will have Cap and Gown/Senior Package Pick-up. More info will be sent out on this after visiting with Jostens.
  • Meals are available daily Monday-Friday at Tuttle Christian Church for any student.

There are a wide variety of resources and answers to questions available on the tuttleschools.info website when you click on the CoVid-19 tab. Parents and students can access a wide variety of academic sites from there. Many that typically have a cost associated with them are now free during this closure. While we are providing resources for our specific courses you can also continue personal learning in other areas through the ideas and sites found on that page if desired.

Stay Connected!

School isn't over! Keep doing the good work you've been doing this year! If you need something please don't hesitate to email your teachers, counselors, or administrators. We are here for you even though we aren't face to face.

This is uncharted territory for everyone. Together we will get through it. Stay safe. Wash your hands regularly. Keep your social distance. Be patient as we learn to do this new remote continual learning together. It won't be perfect, but this situation isn't either. We will do everything we can to make the remainder of the year meaningful and memorable in positive ways.

Stay positive! Stay active! Stay connected virtually!

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