The History Of Champagne-Ardenne

The History of the region goes back to 500 BC when it was settled by the Gauls. This area in 500 BC was called lower Belgium. The French Ardennes, which borders Belgium to the east, has been the site of several, devastating clashes. It has several memories and monuments placed throughout its green forests and valleys. The Ardennes house is one of Europe's largest castles in Chateau Sedan. Chateau Sedan claims to be the largest military structure of many in the world. Several battles were fought here during the 18th Century.

The Geography of Champagne- Ardeene


The population of this region is about 1.3 million. There are 4 departments in the Champagne region: Ardeenes, Marne, Haute-Marne, and Aube. Champagne Ardeene lies about 160 kilometers from Paris. The land area is 25,606 km^2. The capital City is Chalons-en-Champagne. The climate of this region winters are cold, crisp, and clear. Summers are warm and very dry .

Exploring Champagne Ardennes


Sports & Activites

You could go to a recreational area in Champange Ardenne for example The Parc de la Montagne de Reims and The Forest d'Orient Park they are the largest in Champange Ardenne. Parc de la Montagne consists of forests,agricultural villages, and hillsides. The Foret d'Orient was originally a refuge for the Knights Templar. Get information on the influence of the monks at the visitor's center near Troyes. After you do that, go hiking across more than 70,000 wooded areas. Wind down from a day of hiking and swimming at the Bourbonne-les-Bainsis, which is an elegant spa resort. Visitors can soak in the water or partake in a selection of rejuvenating spa services.

Foods Of Champagne-Ardennes

  • Traditional Andouille de Troyes; First, you cut the chitterlings lengthwise and then seasoning these strips with onions, herbs, salt, and black pepper. Troyes specialties dates back to the 1560's.
  • Traditional French Boudin Blanc; Thus meat originates from the small town of Rethel in Champagne-Ardennes. It's a mixture of meat, eggs, starch, spices, and milk.
  • Authentic French Brie Cheese; Thus meal is made out of Champagne-Ardennes unpasteurised cow's milk. The cheese is salted with a dry salt and finally ages for about 4 weeks in cool cellars.