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Conquistadors and Beyond

War Report

As Francisco Pizarro continues to travel through South America, we get reports of the Inca civilization he left behind. The Inca's are a group of native peoples that are quite undeserving of the land. They do not listen to authority, will not surrender to Spain, and are insulting to our culture. There are even rumors that these people are not people at all, rather they are just animals. Due to their appalling behavior and disrespect to Spain, Francisco Pizarro took action against their civilization. At first, he tried to get the Inca’s to comply, but they would not listen to him. After this, he decided that enough was enough and kidnapped one of their leaders Athehualpa. He used this man for ransom to gain gold for the kingdom. After receiving ransom in the form of a large room filled with gold, Francisco killed Athehualpa and ended his leadership of the region. After killing him, he bravely went after the other leaders of the Inca civilization and managed to kill them as well, collapsing the civilization. Wow, Francisco Pizarro was an amazing man!

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What Did He Find?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus left Spain in search for a faster route to Asia. He planned to find new spices, people, territory, and more. After being denied by many donors and rulers of different nations, Columbus turned to the great nation of Spain for help. He went to our noble Queen in search for endorsement, which she generously gave him. He was finally able to find the route he believed existed. After about 2 months of sailing, Columbus finally landed on foreign soil. Little did he know that this was not Asia, but actually a new land which would be called America. Despite searching for spices and other commodities he planned on receiving in Asia, Columbus found a foreign land filled with foreign and native people. He found Gold, new and tasty crops like the tobacco plant, a vast amount of new land to colonize on and people to learn from.
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Natives Who?

Many of us know of a man named Francisco Coronado. Those who know him personally may say he has a nice shell but is troubled on the inside. For those of you who don’t know who this man is, he is a conquistador who used to operate in the western regions of the New World. He was obsessed with finding El Cibola but was unsuccessful in his efforts. While he was able to gather land and materials for Spain, he also managed to kill and murder those in the areas he went to. Because of him, countless natives were killed and there is a lingering hatred between us and them. Despite warnings, Francisco continued to murder innocents in his path to find gold. Due to this, Francisco was put on trial for war crimes. Evidence proved that he killed many for no good reason and brought shame to Spain’s name. He was determined to be guilty of these crimes and was punished accordingly.

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Celebrity of the Week

For this weeks celebrity of the week, we are writing about the great Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon was another one of the great conquistadors that bravely traveled to the Americas. Ponce de Leon set of from the great nation of Spain in search of things like gold, plants, territory and more. However, out of all the things that he searched for in the west, one was his main focus. For some reason, Leon believed that there was a fountain of youth in the world, and he believed that it was located in America. Once landing in the southeastern part of the land, Leon began his search for the fountain. He searched and searched and searched but could never find the fountain. He found new territory and created the Castillo de San Marcus but that wasn’t enough to fill his hunger for discovery. So, up until his death in 1521, he continued to search with no luck.

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