The Great Migration of Canada


The Great Migration 1815-1850

After the War of Independence, people from Britain lose jobs since the British government decided to import machine-based manufacturing. People did not have jobs, so they don't have money or food. Most of the people in British caught famine.

They think that in Canada, they will have better opportunities to work and will have a better life. So thousands and thousands of immigrants moved to Canada. Sixty percent of the immigrants to Canada were British.

Most immigrants died during the trip to Canada from starving and the coldness.

The Potato Famine 1845-1852

During 1845-1852, a potato famine caused over one million Irish died. They do not have money for food and for other renting. The survivors have to emigrate. Most Irish emigrated to Canada. They emigrate by a bad-conditioned ship called the coffin ship. About every one Irish died in every five Irish immigrants.

What Made The Migration Special?

A lots of people were affected by the migration, about 800,000 people were involved. Nowadays, we can still see the changes made by this event. There are lots of British people living in Canada and their different culture affected each other.

Historical Significance

There are other historical events, such as The Act of Union, Fraser Gold Rush and the Canadian Railway. I like the Great Migration the best because it affected lots of people and the change lasted a long time.