Theodore Roosevelt

Liberating the people from ruination by unfair monopolies

AKA: Anti-Captalist Connoisseur

The three most common costumes/appearance of our hero!

And his sidekick: The Standard Oil Annihilator

AKA: Ida Tarbell

Wrote the History of the Standard Oil Company in McClure's and impacted society by exposing the immorality of trusts

Her book made public the corruption associated with the Standard Oil Company and eventually led to its break-up as an unfair monopoly. She called for the public to mobilize against the trust by illustrating the illegal, unethical, and corrupt business practices and the true nature under its "gilded" surface. Ultimately let to the break-up and disbandment of the Standard Oil Company and set a precedent for future corporations looking to take over vast sectors of industry.

The Enemy: The Monopolizing Monster

The Anti-Captalist Connoisseur's Nemesis Makes His Prescence Known

The Monopolizing Monster has wreaked havoc on the United States through its deleterious ways. Here are some of them.

1) Consuming small-businesses that are incapable of competing with large corporations (resources, factors of production, etc.)

2) Destroying the concept of competition by price fixing, underselling, and striking exclusive deals with railroads to drive out other businesses

3) Literally controlling the government and its levers of power (EX. Milwaukee streetcar and electric light monopoly: Raised fares, got a court to prevent city from fixing prices to reasonability, and through the manager who was a Republican boss of Wisconsin, got legislation stymied that would require it to stop fouling air)

4) Devastating the consumer by intentionally driving up practices with zero repercussions in business as a result of zero competition

5) Financially murdering farmers who often had to pay hefty transportation fines to export goods out of their region because he subsidized the railway companies

However, the Hero comes to the rescue!

Utilizing presidential power, the Anti-Captalist Connoisseur defeats the Monopolizing Monster

1) November 18, 1906 lawsuit against the Standard Oil Company in violation of the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act - By utilizing the phrase "Every contract, or combination, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is hereby declared to be illegal," the hero was able to see through its violation in court and deal a major blow to the monopoly by dismantling 33 of the companies' affiliates

2) Dismantling of Northern Securities Corporation as a violation of Sherman Antitrust - Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Northern Securities' violation and the hero displayed first example of trust busting.

3) Discriminate between the "Good" and "Bad" trusts - the hero perspicaciously chose to only bust trusts that were bad for small business and support trusts that supported competition and efficiency

4) Developed the "Square Deal" - allowed the hero to follow the 3 C's (conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection). This ultimately helped preserve the austerity that is idealized. The Anti-Captalist Connoisseur further propagated the square deal when Congress passed the Elkins Act which banned corporations from subsidizing rail ways through rebates.

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