My Life In Picture

"Old To New"

Commerce Elementary School!

Kindergarten was the pretty cool. We had nap time for half the day and then we went outside to play on the playground. We also learned our ABC's and 123's to get ready for 1st Grade. In 1st Grade we learned to spell word and write correct simple sentences. In 2nd Grade I learned my vows and addition and subtraction.

4th- 5th Grade (A.C. Williams)

In 4th Grade I started to learn vocabulary word and got quizzed on them. We had a Cowboy dance at the end of the year and we also took a trip to the Capital in Austin, Texas. After the field trip we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse. In 5th Grade, we had our first field day and we took a class field trip to the Cooper lake. We also had fitness workouts in P.E.

Commerce Middle School!

In 6th Grade, I took honors math and we learned high number division problems and high number multiplication problems. In 7th Grade, We finally got into athletics to play football and basketball. I managed to keep my grades to a passing points to play football and basketball. Our football season wasn't really successful but our basketball season was.

Commerce High School!

In 9th Grade, I advanced to Pre- AP Geometry. I was the starting quarterback on JV but we didnt have a good season because we were all Freshmen. In 10th Grade, High School seemed like a dramatic high school because around every corner was drama or bullying. Our JV football season was more successful than the Varsity, so that was pretty good. I also got recommended for different coaches around the district to go to College football Camps.