O.C.C. Atlanta October Prayers


Collection Week is just around the corner, and the O.C.C. activity level has ramped up (if you haven't noticed!)

Please print out the attached prayer calendar and keep it on hand. Your team members would appreciate your prayers, and you will be blessed, too. You can even call or email them to tell them you are praying for them.

While the detination countries on this month's calendar are mostly in the Americas, the Atlanta Team is a prayer partner with Togo and with Mongolia. Remember to pray for the National Leadership Teams, the Regional Leadership Teams, and the Ministry Partners in these two very different places.

Join the prayer team as we pray for many excellent boxes ( one million or more in the Southeast Region), for shipping costs to be donated for those boxes, and for wonderful and abundant filler for those boxes that are less than excellent.

Thank you for sharing our prayers with our Father,


P.S. Yes, the background is a reminder to buy crayons for your shoe box gifts.

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