Novio Boy

By Gary Soto


Rudy likes a girl who is older than him,he plans to go on a date with her. His mom doesn't really agree with the fact that she is older than him but slowly begins to understand and pitches into his date. At the restaurant he coincidentally meets up with his uncle, mom, Estella, and a client. Luckily, while with Patricia he behaves himself and romantically ends the date. Finally, the date ends and he slowly chooses to grow up for himself and his crush.


Inner conflict: Man V.S Self- Rudy is not confident with himself.

Evidence: "Rudy: What am i going to talk about? She's older than me and good-looking."

External conflict: Man V.S Mother

Evidence: "Mother: Your too little to have friends (realizes she sounds ridiculous) Pues, a friend like that."


Age doesn't matter

Evidence: "Mother: Age is nothing, m'ja. It's a modern thing.

Favorite quote

''Forget the notes. Speak from your heart."

I like this part because its when Alex is telling Rudy to jus act himself and speak from his heart n be honest to Patricia.



  • Definition- Thwart by creating confusion or bewilderment.
  • Synonym- Confuse


  • Definition- Range or distance a noise can be heard.
  • Synonym- Listening


  • Definition- Recall past experiences
  • Synonym- Remind