Fourth Amendment

By: Tareq E.

Amendment from consititution

Imagine having no rights. The gov't tells you what you can and cant say. You can't choose your religion. The gov't controls the newspaper & magazine prints. If you complain, you get thrown into jail. You could be locked up for years without ever getting a trial. Thanks to the bill of rights, Americans don't have to worry about losing their rights.


The Amendment was proposed in september 25, 1789. By congress to the states.

Ratified in December 1791 adopted by the U.S Constitution.

Amendment in my own words

To not allow police men in your house when they want to walk in. Also to not let them through your stuff. Therefore, it must be for a good reason or they must have a search warrant to look through your house and see if you have something against the law.

Supreme Court Case

Illinois v. Gates in 1983

Mr.Gates (The police man) didn't have a search warrant

Part 2 ( Supreme Court Case)

Mr.Gates was found guilty in a criminal jury. By the supreme court. The police man was put into jail for 1 year for criminal search warrant.

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