Tsunami in Pacific (Japan)

By:Ammad G.

A tsunami is a long high sea wave. It can be caused by an earthquake, submarine landslide or other disturbances. A tsunami is capable of causing devastating damage.

How Canada is Involved/Participating in Tsunami in Pacific (Japan)

Canada is involved/participating by donating items that people need to survive. One of these items that Canada has donated is 130 000 blankets to families without them. Another item that Canada donated is 30 000 emergency relief kits. Canada also handed out sleeping kits for evacuees. 896 Canadian medical teams have treated over 87 000 patients.

How Much Damage was caused by the Tsunami

A lot of damage was caused by the tsunami. The damage that was caused was worth 25 million yen or $309 billion U.S. This damage also left almost half of a million people homeless. 15 000 people were dead and 3000 people were missing after the tsunami. Many other buildings such as farms, factories, roads, railways and electricity lines were destroyed. Japan hopes for reconstruction effort.

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How Animals Were Effected

The Tsunami had a big impact on animals and the ocean. There is a potential impact on our ocean’s health because the tsunami debris is huge. 5 million tons of debris is in the Pacific Ocean which is many animal’s habitats. Coastal species would not survive a long time in the oceanic environment.

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The tsunami also destroyed a power plant which was leaking radioactive ground water. Water was leaking at 75 gallons per minute after the tsunami took place. A lot of damage was caused by the tsunami.

Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves