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Timing Your Cooking

Timing Your Cooking

By: Andrew Laubshire

We all know people do not like over or under cooked food but it happens sometimes. It has even happened to me. Once you read this you should not have an over or under cooked meal.

In this article you will be taught how to cook and prepare your tortellini just in case you do not know what tortellini is a type of pasta and you usually eat it with a type of meat such as chicken or you can eat it with a leafy vegetable like chopped kale or a salad.

Once the water starts to boil in the pot you have to put your pasta in now because if you don’t the water will overflow and spill on to the eye. Now when the tortellini starts to open like a moon shape they are done and ready to be taken out, this would be done in about four to five minutes now while the tortellini is still in the pot you will add the pesto, cheese. You can also add some chicken and a salad. after that you may enjoy your nice salad and perfectly cooked meal.