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Principal's Message

Another great week! Thanks to everyone for all that you did to prepare for the very successful parent-teacher conferences that we had this past week. I had a chance to speak to a few parents who they gave everyone lots of compliments on how well you conducted the team conferences. This was a great opportunity to build relationships with parents early on. The team conferences were also a great way to let parents know that we are working together at SMS to provide the best possible education for their child. Let us continue to be in constant communication with our parents. Last school year, MANY parents raved about how great communication was here at SMS. I cannot recall one conversation with a parent in which the parent said that they did not hear from teachers at SMS. Parents are also continuing to LOVE the REMIND 101 app., so let's continue using this "communication app."

I'll end my message this week with 3 questions...

  1. Is what you’re doing working?
  2. How can you tell if your style of teaching is effective?
  3. Are you using effective strategies?

My door is always open,

N. Jones

Our Response to Intervention (RTI at Spaulding)


All core teachers should be in the implementation of instructional strategies stage of RTI. Each stage is crucial in implementing an effective RTI program. We need to ensure that at the end of the year, our program is not described as Scattered, Superficial, or Ineffective. We will continue to assess, monitor, adjust and learn together. We will work through the process with the use strategies from our Susan Fitzell book study.

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) at Spaulding

Kudos to Ms. Washington for her mastery of EDI techniques and strategies in her classroom as evidenced by my observations this past week. As part of our efforts to offer effective evidenced-based Instructional strategies, Mrs. Stephens is offering a 1 hour EDI Session today from 3:30pm-4:30pm. As most of you know, Explicit Direct Instruction contains research based strategies, proven to significantly improve teaching and learning. Use of EDI strategies is an expectation at SMS. Please plan to attend the session if you need an introduction or a refresher.

Student Council

Elections are underway! Advisors, please be sure to show the candidate videos during advisory class today. Some of our students have some pretty creative posters around the school.
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Grant Recipient- Congratulations

Congratulations to Ms. Scanlon for receiving the REFLEX Math Grant. Ms. Scanlon plans on using this program with her "at risk" students in Tier 2 and Tier 3. With this program, students will practice basic math skills needed in order for them to quickly move on to more advanced mathematical processes.

Student Work

Great Job with the student work displays around the school. Student work is an extension of the teaching and learning that is taking place inside your classroom. Parents could be seen walking around looking at the boards as they waited for their conference to begin. It was also great to see students showing their work to their parents. Here are just a few samples! Excellence in action!
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Looking Ahead

9/23- All SLOs/GBEs need to be submitted

9/28- Early Dismissal/ District Collaboration