Saxton Awards 1.10.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Community Value Awards:

Phoebe Verlander-Bedford - had her first ever haircut and donated her beautiful long hair to the "Little Princess" charity - helping children who have lost their hair through illness. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do

Rainbow Awards:

Amy Roach and Athena Buckley - for super teamwork in English

Ben Miles- for a super attitude to science, asking lots of questions and listening carefully - he was a star on our welly walk

Rory Firmin- for an imaginative story map,complete with super illustrations


Values Award:

Respect - Nathan Forshaw: For always remembering to be kind to everyone. You set a wonderful example for everybody in our school, Nathan. Well done.

Community - Daniel Charge: For always being so kind to everyone. You have been so thoughtful in helping others in our class this week, Daniel. Thank you from all of us.

Rainbow Awards:

Florence Mooring and Alex Southern for the wonderful creativity that you have put into your portal stories this week. They are so entertaining and I have loved reading them and I know that the class loved listening to you read them out too.


Respect Award:

Bryce Hirst - is always respectful towards members of staff and other members of the class. I am always impressed by his polite manner. Thank you for being a fantastic role model, Bryce!

Rainbow Awards:

Lydia Komaromy - for showing an excellent attitude towards her school work and going the extra mile this week to write a very thoughtful thank you prayer for our prayer tree at home - it is beautifully presented too!