Taiga Biome

Information and Facts

Abiotic Factors

Sunlight, Water, Boulders, Soil, clouds, Temperature.

Biotic Factors

Black bear, Bald Eagle, Red Fox, River Otter
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^^Food Web^^

Description of the Biome

The soil in the Taiga biome is very poor and not good for growing things. The lowest it gets is -65F and the highest temperature is 70F. We need this biome because it keeps the temperature of the world constant. This biome is known for being the largest terrestrial biome. This biome has spruce trees and aspen trees and birch trees.

How Do Humans Affect This Biome

Bad- Oil exploration, logging,

Good- Set up a plant rescue group, Set up animal rescue group

Cool Fact

Taiga biome is the largest biome in the world