Tuesday Tech Tidbit--4/28/15

A quick look at great technology to make your life easier

Getting Organized

We all have so much to do and are pulled in so many different directions. Here are some great web-based to-do services that work on many different devices.
Todoist: A To-Do List for Life's Every Moment

The good and the bad

  • You can sign up for Todoist and start getting your life organized in less than five minutes.
  • I like that Todoist works on many different platforms so I can use it at work, on my home computer, on my phone and tablet, etc.
  • The help feature shows you have to set recurring dates and answers other questions you might have
  • You are able to tag each item according to which part of your life it comes from...work, personal, errands, shopping and even movies to watch.
  • There are options that are not available to you on the free version but so far the free version works fine for me.

Fetchnotes: Save #Simplicity

What it's about...

  • Organize as you type
Group things together using #hashtags

  • Access anywhere
You can access this on the web, iPhone or Android device. You can also add notes

using email and text.

  • Share with anyone even people who don't have the app
  • Collaboration made simple
Get a notification any time someone edits or shares a note with you

Questions? Need help?

Stop by the library or email me with questions. If you are totally lost, I would be happy to help you get started.