25 Book Campaign

The books i have read

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King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

This is an exeptional book that further advances the Queen's Thief Series. This book is the aftermath of the war that was started in the previous book, so it might run a little slow, but other than that it is another great read by Megan Whalen Turner. There is not much to say because every word means something and if i tell what happens it might ruinit for you so you just have to read the book to find out. Gen finally gets his revenge.

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

A brief summary: https://www.wevideo.com/view/237766537

I also read this book twice as it was so good. I always find extra information the second time!

The Time Machine by H.G Wells

I loved this book mainly because of the genre and author. I almost gave up this book because of it's beginning. H. G. Wells actually put you into the book and referred to you as well as the lesser characters in the book a lot. I got my mom to help me with the first 3 chapters, by then things were picking up speed. The book had so much detail in the way it was written. I cannot pick out one thing I disliked about the book. My favorite parts in the book is when he describes things and while describing uses figurative language. Here he is describing The Palace of Green Porcelain; "At first glance I was reminded of a museum. The tiled floor was thick with dust, and a remarkable array of miscellaneous objects was shrouded in the same gray covering. Then I perceived, standing strange and gaunt in the centre of the hall, what was clearly the lower part of a huge skeleton." He goes on and on describing each area he goes to. H. G. Wells did an outstanding job on the book.

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The Pigman By Paul Zindel

This book was by far the most well written, and best book I have read yet. This book, like The Time Machine was hard to get into at first, but was worth the time. My favorite part in the book was when Mr. Pignati, one of the main characters, took Lorraine and John to meet Bobo, Mr. Pignati's best friend, at the zoo, "Bobo?" the Pigman called out sweetly. John looked at me and I looked at him and he rolled his eyes up into his head. "Bobo? Come out and say hello!" At last Bobo decided to make an appearance. He was the ugliest, most vicious-looking baboon I've ever seen in my life . I mean a real baboon. And there's the Pigman , the smiling Pigman, leaning all the way over the guardrail, tossing peanuts to this mean baboon. The book has its funny moments and sad moments, but it is an overall great read.

Middle School Get Me Out of Here! By James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts

James Patterson is an extrodinary author. In my opinion by for the best author for young adults and adults. I have read James Patterson's previous book Middle School, The Worst Years of My life, as well as the Which & Wizard series, and the Maximum Ride novels,This book is filled with humor all the way through i really like when Rafe takes a ride down the stairs in a trash can. " Mr. McQuade must have come out a second later, because the next thing i felt was a hard BUMP! against the side of the can... right before the whole thing started zipping across the floor... right before- SLAM CRASH! rrroll SPLAM! SMASH! i dont know if you've ever been inside a plastic garbage can while its rolling down half a flight of stairs, but believe me, its not as fun as it sounds." Its a quick read, 281 pages, if you want a humorus fictional book.

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The Thief

The Thief of The Queens Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner is an exceptional book that kicks off a wonderful series filled with action and adventure. This is a fantasy novel, but it is not your typical swords and sorcery adventure. This story evokes a Greek setting. It’s told in first person by Gen, a thief who is in a prison. The story is very slow in the beginning, but picks up pace. I like that everything that is around Gen, even people’s emotions, is told through his eyes. The story basically goes through a whole bunch of different choices and with every choice a problem arises. Megan Whalen Turner does an excellent job of continually filling in little details no one notices that puts a bigger wow factor into her books.

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The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner was the second book in the Queen's Thief series. It was another well written book. I think the second book is better than the first book. This book is written in 3rd person instead of 1st person, so know you can understand everyone else’s thoughts- The Queen of Attolia, the Magus, etc. The book starts out with Eugenides getting caught by an Attolian Guard. Attolia the Queen gets revenge on Eugenides by cutting off his hand. This starts a war which carries on throughout the book. The book i could never put down because every word means something that if you miss it you get lost.

Overall i would recommend this book. My favorite part was the whole book! Eugenides outsmarts everyone. He started out as a selfish boy, but then grew into a strong man.

It is hard to put more because I might reveal part of the book; that is how good Megan Whalen Turner is at writing.

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Angel (Maximum Ride Series # 7) (320)

The Maximum Ride series is about a group of genetically altered kids, 2% avian, 98% human, who are trying to save the world. James Patterson has done a great job with keeping things interesting throughout the book with various twists and turns. Fang left the flock to go out on his own while leaving Max to fight her own fight. The series finally comes to an end with the final book. The previous books are just as well written and its hard to write a book response on this book because much of this book is mentioned in the previous enstallments.

If you haven't read the Maximum ride series I would recommend it if you like action, fantasy, and a little bit of romance.

Divergent (Divergent series #1)

The first book of a series is always the most interesting and this goes for Divergent. Veronica Roth does an exceptionally well done job on creating the setting for Divergent. Every page is chock full of details. The last part of the overview on Barnesandnoble.com states Veronica Roth is the New York Times bestselling author of Divergent, the first in a trilogy of dystopian thrillers filled with electrifying decisions, heartbreaking betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected romance. Most books leave you at an unexplained part that makes you abandon it, but Veronica Roth keeps you on end with her writing style.

Sherlock Holmes The Complete Edition

This book is a work in progress as it is very large; Containing Four novels, 5 books of 56 short stories.
1 A Study in Scarlet
2 The Sign of the Four
3 The Hound of the Baskervilles
4 The Valley of Fear

1 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
3 The Return of Sherlock Holmes
4 His Last Bow
5 The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

Since this book is large i will add in other information, but my summary of what i have read so far.

I am amased that most of these stories is that, despite having read through the entire collection a number of times, skimmed and scanned although i have read most; I seem to find something new each time I read it. Knowing the solution to the mysteries, it doesn't seem to diminish the excitement at getting to the big reveal each time. The characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson become character studies, because of their vast backgrounds and knowledge, making little tidbits that provide more insight into their inner workings.