Perseverance newsletter

by Mason Graham

Introduction to perseverance

“A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”-B.F Skinner. I define perseverance as never letting adversity beat you. Like Tom Monoghan did. He went through many lowpoints in his pizza business; but never gave up and look where he is now.

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton

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Tom Monaghan


Tom Monoghan is the owner of Dominos. Here is his story. Tom went through multiple bankruptcies with several different financial partners. Though when all this happened, he stuck with his franchise which nobody thought would be a success. His original business partner/

friend did not did not believe in his idea after things started to go bad, he left tom which resulted in bankruptcies. Now Tom has thousands of domino's across the US and is making good money. I think that tom inspires others by overcoming multiple adversities in his life.
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Nepal Earthquake

Cause and Effect: Cause: Nepal Earthquake. Effect #1: Caused a rebuilding process. Effect #2: made Nepal come together as a team to rebuild their community. Effect #3: split families apart from each other. Effect #4: There was many injuries due to debris and falling buildings; which led to... Effect #5 Over packed hospitals.
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Jackie Robinson

Sequence: 1 Jackie went to UCLA. 2 He went into the US services and had no problem with white men despite others who neglected him. 3 Went and played in the Negro league for the Kansas City Monarchs. 4 Was offered a contract by Branch Ricky, the owner of the Brooklyn dodgers. 5 He played spring training for the minor league team of the dodgers, the Montreal Royals. Jackie had to fight his way onto the dodgers just before the season started. 6 Jackie had an outstanding career of baseball and later in his life he went into politics and civil rights along with Martin Luther King Jr.
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Lauren Hill

Problem/solution: Problem: Lauren Hill was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Solution #1 Lauren played college basketball despite her disability. solution #2 She became the idol of other kids who had the same disease as her; she was an inspiration to all of them. Solution #3 She didn't let the adversities get to her. Solution #4 She decided to make the end of her life a new beginning by donating money for cancer and being the face of solution. Solution #5 She inspired others that thought they couldn't push through their disability.
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