Red Bells

Megan Figueiredo

Tax Reform

Process of changing the way taxes are collected or managed by the government

Higher Taxes on the wealthy! and Tax Cuts on the Middle and Lower Class!

My party’s stance on this issue is that we should tax the wealthy more and we should and we should have tax cuts for middle and lower income families. We feel this way because those who are typically making more than $200,000 make it annually and it isn’t just on a whim. It is said that the rich tend to make more donations so it makes up for the money that they don’t pay for taxes. On the other hand though with income taxes if you say how much you donate towards a certain charity it is tax exempt; therefore donations are not a good cover for why the rich shouldn’t pay more than the middle class people. Our party feels it will help the economy in the long run to have tax cuts because it gives average people a better opportunity with more of their own money to spend.