Pasadena Pet Sitters

Debating Sitting or Boarding for Your Dog When Planning a Trip

Dog owners have more to consider than what to pack when they are getting ready for a trip out of town. The decision whether to use Pasadena pet sitters or a kennel is a big one, especially if your top concern is your dog’s security and health. Before jumping into what is sometimes the cheaper option, consider the pros of a reliable pet sitting provider in Pasadena.

The Pros of a Pet Sitter

Pet sitting involves hiring a pro who will keep an eye on your dog while you are out of town. They enter your home, and make sure that all of your dog’s basic needs are taken care of. Some of the reasons why this is more beneficial for your pet include:

· They can stick to their own routine. Your dog is used to eating, sleeping and going out at certain times of the day. That routine won’t be interrupted if they are allowed to stay in the comfort of their own home while you are away.

· You will keep your pet safe from contagious disease. A kennel could be harboring diseases that your dog is not exposed to at home. These include illnesses like parasites, distemper and kennel cough. You eliminate the risk of your pet contracting any of these by using Pasadena pet sitters.

· Your dog will also be protected from other, more aggressive animals. Anything can happen in a kennel environment, and your dog could be the victim of an attack from another. There is absolutely no chance of this happening when your pooch is allowed to stay home.

· Your four legged friend will not be subjected to hours on end locked in a cage. Your dog will not have the same freedom they are used to, which is no way for them to have to spend your vacation.

· Professional pet sitters in Pasadena will not only feed and walk your dog, they will engage with them in the same ways that you do. This involves special attention and even playtime, which is not included in the cost of a kennel stay.

· Added services, such as taking in the mail or turning on and off lights, are typically a part of your pet sitting service. So not only is your pet being taken care of, your home is being protected.

Are There Any Cons to Pet Sitting?

There may be a slight price difference with pet sitting over kennels, but when you factor in the differences, that cost is well worth it. You won’t be hit with a large vet bill to treat a wound or disease, your house is also secure, and your dog much happier when you return. That alone should be a compelling enough reason to choose a sitter over a kennel every time you plan a trip.