The Perseverance Files

By: Thalia Bowen

I Once Rode A Horse Called Perseverance

The book I once rode a horse of milk white jade by Diane Lee Wilson represents perseverance through adversities strongly. Oyuna struggled many times threw out this book and it was all because when she was little a horse stomped on her foot and that caused "bad luck" on her and her family. Later on when she was about 11-12 her mom got struck by lightning and died. Not long after that her dad remarried and her horse got revoked, but she went on a long death defying adventure to reclaim the horse and to show she was combative. Oyuna never yielded at opportunity and that shows just as long as you adhere to your ambition you can reach it.

If Rudy Can You Can

The movie Rudy Is and inspirational movie that shows perseverance, resilience, and triumph. Rudy really wanted to get to Notre Dame because he wanted to attend and play football there. Since he couldn't get in he decided he would work on the field and try to get the best grades he could get at a community college down the street. Eventually Rudy made it to Notre Dame and made the football team too. That shows you should always be combative and willing to win no matter who or what your against.

Five Seconds Of Solutions

The band "Five seconds of summer" was first created in 2011. 5SOS took their band to YouTube to record covers and make 1 or 2 originals. Sadly they had close to no viewers, but they kept persevering. One day they got an offer and it went something like "would five seconds of summer be willing to go on One direction's 'Take Me Home Tour' " they said yes. After the tour 5SOS got to go on there own tour and have another band open for them. If your dream is to achieve something big, go at it full force until you cant anymore, or until you achieve it.

Laura and the pile high

12 year old Laura-Beth Moore persevered through all of the adversities that were thrown at her. It started on a normal day when Laura was bored she thought about how her community doesn't have a recycling program. She also thought about how her neighborhood and others must have garbage bins that fill over the top with garbage and recyclables. She made dozens of calls but no one would care. She felt anything but complacent. So Laura decided to take matters in her own hands. Laura had everyone meet at their local school, so her and several other volunteers could drive the recyclables in pick up trucks to the recycling plant. Laura tried to do this at least once a month. Soon fewer and fewer volunteers were coming. So Laura took her $20 a month allowance and spent it on a rental pickup truck where her and a volunteer would bring loads of recycling to the recycling plant. Just by persevering you can always make something happen and you can always end in triumph.
The Nutty Bavarian

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