Back to School 2020

Rawlinson PTA

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Back. Together. Better.

Welcome back Patriots! It’s that time to Power Up and to join PTA online! Membership is $10, with $5.50 of that helping to provide immediate services and support. As we look forward to starting school again in this constantly shifting world, one thing does remain steady; Rawlinson PTA. We are striving to support educators as well as both home and building based learners through these times. In addition to the programs mentioned by Principal Mireles, last year’s fundraising brought support to 9 departments, and the school at large, through:

  • Author presentation

  • Ear buds

  • TEKS Math program

  • Green Screen kit

  • 250 Dictionaries

  • 18 Master music classes

  • White Boards

  • Language translator technology

  • 2 water fountain covers for touchless hydration

  • Screenagers

PTA has kicked off by providing masks ! As we move into this new year, check out the immediate benefits here: *DISCOUNTS* that are available just for being a member. The price of the membership can be re-coupe-ed in no time. Thank you for supporting Rawlinson PTA and follow us on Facebook for regular Patriot postings.

The printable version of the Membership form is available also. Please email for questions about joining or with comments on what you would like to see from your Rawlinson PTA this year!

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Upcoming Events

First Day of School

Monday, Aug. 24th, 8:30am

14100 Vance Jackson Road

San Antonio, TX

A Letter From Our PTA President

Hello Patriot Family,

I am excited to have the opportunity to partner with you to ensure that every studentʼs potential becomes their reality. I believe that now, more than ever, parents, teachers, staff and the Rawlinson community have a unique opportunity to build something beautiful together. Together we can demonstrate our resilience, creativity and unity. Together we will hurdle obstacles, create work arounds, answer questions, despite the unknowns. Together we will create a legacy for every student that is undeniably rich.

Rawlinson PTA is committed to fostering communication between families teachers and staff. We are committed to supporting academic growth, physical and mental health, welfare and safety of children and youth. Rawlinson PTA is dedicated to work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to serve as an advocate for all children and families. Therefore, I am inviting you to “Back the Future “ by joining PTA. "We will do it and we will do it together!” Ahbani Houston RMS PTA President

A Message From Our Principal

The Rawlinson PTA has proved to be a dedicated partner in the success of our students, year after year. Our PTA has built and supported programs that promote student achievement, creativity and inclusiveness. From helping to communicate campus information to supporting and creating events like Patriot Games, food drives, pantry support, book fair, family nights, our WatchDog program and so much more!

The Rawlinson PTA has been a substantial partner in the education of our students, and continues to play a vital role in our community. We are grateful for them!”

~Sherry Mireles

Our Rawlinson PTA Board

Our Rawlinson PTA at Work

Our PTA Board at work

A Big Thank You to Tom Fladd and State Farm for the donation of water fountain covers

Thank you Tom Fladd and State Farm for the donation of water fountain covers!

Back to School Teacher Breakfast