cultural revolution in china

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how it began

in 1966 china communists leader Mao Zedong what became known as the cultural revolution. It started because Mao didn't like how he was losing his power. Mao's power had weekend so he wanted to attack the current party. Mao was concerned that a new class of Manderens were emerging. Mao didn't want the Soviet Union to become a powerful.

Who were the red guards?

The red guards were a group of youth who put themselves together. They tried to get all of the youth in China. They were students who worked for Mao. Anyone who Mao said was untrustworthy they criticized.

how did it affect the population

People left the country because they were afraid of a war starting. A lot of people died during this time. 1.5 million people died during the cultural revolution. After the war the one child polocy affected the population by lowering it

How could this happen today?

this could happen today if someone lost there power and wanted to attack back to get their power back.