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It's time to paint Denver PINK!!!

I am so excited to be on my way to Denver this week to celebrate, connect and grow with my 31 sisters! National Conference is always like January 1st for me, as it provides me with time to reflect on my business and make some goals and changes for the upcoming business year. I am excited that we have 7 Eternal Gems that will be in Denver with me this week:

  • Ryan Chambers
  • Marissa Caster
  • Brandi Rendon
  • Belinda Johnson
  • Micah Robertshaw
  • Amanda Fanning and
  • Mindy Neighbors... YAY!!!
I will be out of the office the remainder of the week as I will be traveling to and from National Conference. Be watching for updates on our team page as we will be posting all of the new exciting stuff from National Conference. I can't wait!!!

If you aren't headed to National Conference I challenge you to set apart a few hours this week to do the Linsdey Jones Training on "Avoiding the Summer Slump" posted below and to reflect on where you want to go this year with your business. I would love to hear the out come and will have a goodie for you!

Avoiding the Summer Slump!

Lindsey Jones with Party Plan Divas has done an amazing webinar for Executive Director Becky Cave's team on "Avoiding the Summer Slump". This is a great training that will boost your business and motivation for the summer. Please check this amazing training out and let me know what you liked best!


Password: BeckyCave

All of you that listen to this training and send me your top three take homes as well as your "Goals" by this Sunday July 13th will get a goodie from me!

Don't forget to watch the Fall Product Premier

You are still able to view the Fall Product Premier online until Wednesday July 9th. There is so much newness headed our way this fall that you are going to FLIP! Plus when you watch the premier you will get the inside scoop on how to earn these new products for FREE! Check it out today on TOT. I would love to hear what you are most excited about for this fall, so be sure to post it on our FB page :)

Grow your team = Growing your paycheck :)

This month our Executive Director Becky Cave is offering an opportunity event to help you grow your team. The 31 Happy Hour on July 15th from 6pm - 8pm at Palios ~ 4855 Bryant Irving Dr. Fort Worth, TX. This event is for each of us to invite potential recruits to for a relaxing environment and they will have the chance to win over $150 in 31 beach gear and to hear about this amazing company! I want each of you to take advantage of this and use it to help grow your teams. Invite as many guest as you can!!! I will have a gift for each of you that brings a guest!

31 is also helping us grow our teams this month by offering any new recruits that enroll this month from July 1-15th to add a Chillicious Thermal to their kit! This will set them up for success in August so that they have this cute new thermal to show off at their parties :)

Can I get a WOO HOO?!?!

July Challenge from Home Office

This month home office is doing a new Challenge!!!


  • The top 31 consultants with the largest parties
  • The top 31 consultants with the most number of parties in July
  • They will be rewarded with the entire line (6 different prints) of a new product that will soon be introduced!!! The only hint that they have given is that this will be the September special ;)
Check out TOT for more details!!!

Updates from Home Office

  • July Special : When customers spend $35 they can get the Essential Storage Tote for $5. This is our first $5 special since Christmas, so use that to get your hostesses and customers excited.
  • July Hostess Special : When hostesses that have a $200 party can get a Chillicious Thermal for just $5 at their party!!! Woo Hoo!!! Get those parties booked!
  • August Special: When customers spend $35 they can get a Chillicious Thermal for $10. Hostesses that have a $200 party can get the Lunch Break Thermal for $10.


July 1 -15th ~ New consultants that join get to choose a Chillious Thermal to add to their enrollment kit

July 7-9th ~ Fall product premier on TOT

July 10-12th ~ National Conference in Denver CO... Whoop, Whoop!!!

July 15th ~ 31 Happy Hour in FW Invite your potential recruits to join you!

August 1 -15th ~Ready, Set, Sell Challenge, this is your chance to earn FREE fall product!

August 9-16th ~ Celebrate and Connect meetings happening Nation Wide... don't miss it!

August 11th ~ My Celebrate and Connect Meeting in Burleson, TX at 6:30 pm

Welcome to our new 31 Sisters!!! We are glad you joined :)

  • Mary Casey
  • June Kirkland

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