Sir Toby

Isaac Stricker

Sir Toby's identity

Toby would say that he is smart. The reason why is say this is because, when Sir Andrew wrote a letter to Viola Sir Toby knew that she would know that it was written by an idiot so he would just tell Viola in person and not give the letter. He did this to build Andrew up and he did the same with Viola to Sir Andrew so they would be both scared of each other and they wouldn’t fight. A quote from 12th night, Sir toby says, "Now will not I deliver his letter: for the behavior of the young gentleman gives him out to be of good capacity and breeding; his employment between his lord and my niece confirms no less: therefore this letter, being so excellently ignorant, will breed no terror in the youth: he will find it comes from a clodpole. But, sir, I will deliver his challenge by word of mouth; set upon Aguecheek a notable report of valour; and drive the gentleman, as I know his youth will aptly receive it, into a most hideous opinion of his rage, skill, fury and impetuosity. This will so fright them both that they will kill one another by the look, like cockatrices" (Act 3, scene 4, lines 163-173). This talks about how he knows if he gives Viola the letter from Andrew she would know that it was written by an idiot, another is that he plans on building Andrew up to being a big fighter and that no one can stop him, he plans on doing the same thing with Viola. He did this because when they both see each other the both will be too scared to fight. If he wasn’t smart enough he wouldn’t have thought of all of that stuff, he wouldn’t have a clue if the letter was made by a idoit and so there would be no blood.

Toby would say that he is persuasive. The reason for this is because he convicted Viola that Sir Andrew is the most toughest person some one will ever meet and no one can come close to him. A quote from 12th night Sir Toby says, "He is knight, dubbed with unhatched rapier and on carpet consideration; but he is a devil in private brawl: souls and bodies hath he divorced three; and his incensement at this moment is so implacable, that satisfaction can be none but by pangs of death

and sepulchre. Hob, nob, is his word; give't or take't" (Act 3, scene 4, lines 211-216). Then Viola says "I will return again into the house and desire some conduct of the lady. I am no fighter. I have heard
of some kind of men that put quarrels purposely on others, to taste their valour: belike this is a man of that quirk" (Act 3, scene 4, lines 217-220). This talks about how Sir Toby is building Sir Andrew up with lies to scare Viola in to thinking that no one can stop him, then with the Viola quote it talks about how she believes him and she needs to go back to the Lady's house and get protection from him.

Sir Toby's gender

The way Sir Toby experiences his gender is that he could get away with stuff that women cant in that time, like drinking a lot and he can stay out late. A quote from 12th night, Maria says, "by my troth, Sir Toby, you must come in earlier o' nights. Your cousin, my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours", (Act 1, scene 3, lines 3-5). That talks about how Maria the servant told Sir Toby that Olivia dose not like him stay out late drinking and partying. If he was not a man, he would not be able to do this. The reason I say this is because men in that time had way more right then women. The only way he got a way with this is because like I said before he is man and has more rights then women.

Perceptions of Sir Toby

Sir Toby is a drunk. The reason why I say this is because a quote from 12th night Sir Toby says, "With drinking healths to my niece: I'll drink to her as long as there is a passage in my throat and drink in Illyria" (Scene 3). This talks about how he will drink to his niece and he will always drink if there is a hole still in his neck and there is drink in Illyria. This proves how he is a drunk because like before “as long as there is a passage in my throat and drink in Illyria” (Scene 3). It means he will not stop drinking. One last thing from the quote is that people view him as a drunk because of what he said. This is different from what he thinks.

Similarities and differences between me and Sir Toby

There is really no real thing that me and Sir Toby have. The reason for this is because 1. I am not a drunk, 2. I am not as persuasive as him 3. I am not as smart as him in his type of way. I'm going to start out with the first one I am not a drunk like Toby because I don't drink like him and I don't even drink beer. The second one is the persuasive as him is because in that situation I cant do it, but I can be persuasive as him in a little situation like if I want to buy a video game or some candy, but it has to be something small the biggest thing I ever got from being persuasive is a TV. The last thing is how smart he is, in that situation because if I was in the same situation I would not have though of that I would have just gave Viola the letter.

Part 2: Character analysis in "She's the man"

Viola's identity in "She's the man"

She is dedicated because when the girl's soccer team got cut and they didn't let her on the boys team because they said girl's are weaker and cant keep up with guys and she wanted to prove them wrong. After that she pretended to be a guy to prove that girl can keep up with guys. Some examples are like she would wake up way early each day just to take a shower because you know she is pretending to be a guy, some other ones are she would practice everyday of soccer to show that she should be put on the first liners. She would have to disguise her self as a dude everyday, put a wig on and would have to try and talk in a deep voice like some of the guys there.

Another thing that she is, is prescient. This is because that every day she would practice and practice for soccer to show to the couch that she could keep up with the best on the team.

One last thing is that she is flexible because like I said before she is pretending to be a guy, so she has to balance out her stuff. That is from like when taking a shower, putting on the disguise, trying to keep like a boy, practicing soccer, and talking to her mother. This is mostly shown in a part off the movie where she had to go to a festiable to help her mom out with charity so she would which and forth from a dude and girl to not blow her cover and her brother's cover at where he is.

Viola's gender in "She's the man"

The way Viola experiences her gender in "She's the man" is different from a man's experience in the movie. The reason I say this is because men in the story have better access to sports then women because Viola was not allowed to join the boy's soccer team. Also when I was watching the movie, when she asked to join the boy's soccer team and they said no because she was a girl. To me she experiences sexism because the guys kept saying stuff like, girls cant keep up with boys, there weak, and guys are stronger then girls.

Viola's perception in "She's the man"

People's perception's of Viola change though out the movie. I say this is because in the begging Duke though she was weird, nerdy, and possible stupid I don't know . But later in the movie it changed. This is because she went to meet up with Duke and some other guys to show that she is cooler at a pizza place. So to prove this, one of her friends made a plan to prove that, Viola would be a ladies man and would stage some stuff to show that. After they staged that stuff they believed Viola is a ladies man and every thinks she is cool.

Similarities and differences between me and Viola

One thing we have in common is that we are prescient but in our different ways. I' m prescient in finding a job. Even though I get rejected from some of the jobs, but I still keep trying.