e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 3

App of the Fortnight: Google Drive

Google Drive provides a platform to organise and enhance workflow for teachers. The most obvious example is how quickly resources can be shared, annotated and collaborated upon. A shared folder with a student could contain assignments, screencasts and resources that could serve to form a digital portfolio and a reference point for teacher and parents.

Science are currently using Google Drive to fully run the BTEC Science qualification. Through Google Drive, students can access all the assignment information, which links to a website created by Chas using Google Sites. Students can use the website to discover key information needed to complete their assignments. In addition, it has allowed for a workflow solution whereby work can be assessed easily and feedback given all on Google Drive, allowing the student to improve the work easily and effectively. It has created a clear monitoring structure for progress made by all students due to all work being in one central, easily accessed place.


Last Friday, I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote speaker at Cramlington Learning Festival- who addressed the changing world of education. He showed one of the videos below. The reality is that we all have the responsibility to focus and help support students in achieving the best grades they possibly can in order to open up future opportunities for each and every student.

Realistically, as lovely as it would be to not have to worry about this and focus on developing them 'as a person'- we would be failing them by doing so. However- interesting thoughts...are we failing them anyway by not inspiring them enough both in and and out of the classroom? If you can spare a few minutes to watch either or both of the videos below...they are truly inspiring! They are not saying exams are pointless but that where we possibly can- through building positive relationships with students, as teachers and as form tutors, we should be looking to motivate and inspire to achieve in a wider sense, not just academically.

Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word

Year 7 Transition Evening

During the evening, 8 new year 8 pupils talked new Rossett parents through their use of iPads in lessons. They showed the various pieces of work they have produced across many different subjects and explained them confidently and thoroughly. The students answered non-stop questions about their use of ipads and reflected the absolute best of Rossett!

Students involved included: Charlie Dodsworth, Kerry Holtham, Natasha Lobley, James Porter, Maisie Porter, Morgan Taylor, Becky Riley and Jack Reid. Next generation of teachers are in our midst!